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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bride to bes blogsss

Months before i got married i did stalk at few bride to be blogs. i like to see how they plan their wedding, their dream and their ideas.

i was amazed on how detail can they be, how creative and determine they are. which made me feel so utterly depressed upon reading them. so most of the time i was the silent reader.

reading in awe and cant help being jealous for what they have. well to be honest, i'll end up feeling like these:

  • omaigoddd i havent slimmed down yet. and these bride to bes are really serious on their diet
  • omaigodddd lawanyaaaa dia punya. mine is not.
  • omaigodddd i havent done thatttt
  • oamigoddd she got thattttt
  • stressed depressed nervoussss
and sooo much more lah.

but at the end of the day, i still thanking them deep inside my heart. from their blogs, you get to know more on wedding stuffs, what to do, what to have, ideas shared and whatnot.

believe it or not, only after i got married i get to know more and more bride to be blogs. i was like wow. okay, luckily i didnt read you guys before my wedding day or else i'll faint for being sooo nervous seeing you guys so well prepared. haha

anyway, my point here is. dont be like me. ever! dont be! haha. it was just me freaked out for no reason. :p

reading these blogs will help you a lot. and i believe each of them are very generous in sharing ideas and you can even ask lotsa things on the wedding preparation stuffs among u guys. and who else can understand bridezillas conflicts well if not bride to be's?

i i would like to thank diah (the wedding guru) for coming to my wedding and linking me at her blog. so now i've got few more bride to be's readers who are interested for my wedding stuffs for rent. mucho mucho gracias!

last time i blog just to release stress (ceh! berapa banyak stress lah) but now i think that it is a good platform to gain info and get inspired from other blogs. not just on wedding of course.

oh yes, one of my fave wedding website. and now that i'm married and my eyes! :)

okay peep, gotta go. happy wednesday y'all! today kenny rogers buy 1 free 1 quarter meal. okay tetiba je. bye!

oh yes, it's been a month. time flies! :)


fati said...

waaaaaaaaa da sebulan lah puan! heeeeee~~~
i akan jadikan ur blog as 'rujukan' untuk i kelak.. ecewah!

ederq said...

heheh i bukan pro fati. hihih.

Darling Aween said...

my comment is.
i was so stress when i reading a preparation for wedding.feel like i have a month to marry..haha.
wuaaa.takutnya.smpai rasa "apa yg aku patut buat hari ni? when to start a preparation? n so on..??!
awn harap segala pengalaman awn masa my sis kawin dulu akan digunakan sepenuhnya n blaja dr blog sket2. :)
semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.MAY GOD BLESS