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Thursday, January 8, 2009

hope you never grow old...

I had a dream
Strange it may seems
It was my perfect day

Open my eyes
I realize
This is my perfect day

Hope you never grow old
Hope you never grow old

by: the cranberries...

i had this thinking for past few days and weeks. i don't want them to grow up / older. i like them the way they are (or used to be). it's not that i hate them now, but i just prefer the old one. sigh...

grown up kids are no longer cute, no longer adorable, rebellious, no longer huggable. just so different in every way. hormon thing?

but i am a grown up here. i am cute still (stop vomiting, please. tq), i'm adorable (at least for encik tunang), i'm not a rebel (with exception), i AM huggable (for those who need one). okay, i'm just as bad, huh?

well, i can't stop time to satify me. but i can learn and teach myself to accomodate, to adjust with the situation. oh, yes, i should...

so please grow even older and faster!

note1: my mom sent an mms to me last night - of my ugly new IC picture (si tembam bertudung hitam) with the subject - anak ummy comel. oh ummy is an angel! even though i know she must be laughing really hard the moment abah showed her my IC.

note2: i'll try the best as i can to hide my new IC from anyone. i should have asked for another shoot at JPN, right after he showed me the shot pix. i should have! Damn!


Mawar said...

Hai sis,..first time dropping ur blog,..update slalu tau,..will keep on reading,..-tisya-

ederq said...

hey tisya, sudah mau kawen!

.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

hehe..yup..cute 4 me too.. :)

enar arshad said...

a mum will always think her baby is so matter how grown up and different from when they are really comel!

ederq said...

enar: indeed.. :)