mata duitan

Saturday, April 25, 2009


well, i made a promise to myself not to shop too much on this sales. as i thought i've got most the of things that i NEED already. not what i WANT. 2 different things that i've been failing to distinguish sometimes, i mean, most of the time!

so, i dropped by at stadium shah alam for Metrojaya warehouse sales yesterday, during noon. spent 45 minutes and i accidentally grabbed a convertible eye liner from Stilla. ok i told myself this is forgiven because it is all worth! 3 in 1, and it works really really well on my eyes! YAY!
(and Iza kirim 1 set of Marc Jacobs for men perfume set for Rm90 - 75ml, after shave gel and shower gel. wohoho cheap!)

and guess what! i went there again this morning with ariff. woh we reached at 9.45am and there were tonnes of peeps! REALLY REALLY REALLY huge crowd! i need air! fresh air! ~ketiak masam meratarata~

we went straight to fragrances and cosmetics section and spent more than 1 hour there. can you believe it? kejap amek kejap letak amek balik kira2 letak amek. ceh! well he spent 1k++ for loads of fragrances and cosmetics. none for himself. semua kirim2. and me? okay what i've got today? jeng jeng jeng!

my fave: guerlain eye shadow pallete!

oh i love all those items. i bought that Revlon lipgloss+ Guerlain lipstick + YSL blusher for ummy for mother's day. boleh? hihi.. tapi tapi that YSL blusher was last piece and i nasib baik 5 seconds earlier that another lady who wants the same item. FEWH. tapi tapi, i buruk siku. think will share2 pakai dengan ummy. hihi

and makeup stuff for myself? Guerlain lipstick kiss kiss maxi shine (wuwuwu) and Guerlain 4 shades eye pallete. and few under garments (lace undies for rm5 each?? wuwuwuwu) and 1 cheap handbag. thought of buying a pair of Levi's lady's style jeans. but sadly, i'm just so fatter and fatter so i decided not to buy any jeans until i lost 2" on my thighs! ok that is sooooo unrealistic!

i must admit that i spent too much this month. SIGH! how i wish i can earn more or win cash on radio or anywhere that offer loads of cash just by answering easy question. than i dont have to worry on my wedding preparation budget.

but when looking on those tops, makeups, fragrance, bags, pants, etc etc that i bought recently, i can't help to be happy and on top of it! i got them on sales baby! so technically, i saved money! :p

but to be honest, when seeing my bank accounts i'll feel like crying. uwaaaaa

see me with my sore legs. so glad i can sit now! i need foot massage! lesson of the day: no heels on sale!

note1: LEGA that i have bought few items for hantaran. perfume n shoes. another 50% relief for the watch. ish! why do men have to spend so much on watch? ~roll eyes~

note2: hey there are few more warehouse sales coming up. zara, massimo dutti, and pull & bear, happening at the curve. MPH, Triumph and Sloggi. DROOLLLL! oi oi oi kaya sangat? hah?


ayeen said...

derq mne ko dpt all d information about warehouse sales????
teror btl la...

ederq said...

ezreen: kat cni donk!

Anonymous said...

Saya along bukit beruntung...menawarkan pinjaman utk mereka yg memerlukan...tidak perlu penjamin...pinjaman diluluskan segera...faedah 1.5% setiap bln...utk mereka yg kurang duit simpanan kerana kuat bersopping x pikirkan psl wedding yg klu ditolak waktu tido hanya tggl bape ari je...hubungi sy di 03-744 252

ederq said...

aku tau kau yg tulis mat shah. ok2 loan kan aku dlm 5k pn ckp la. hihihi. tp aku ingt kau bg as a wedding present je la. hhihih

ye ni last aku sopin la. huhuh

meezameez said...

alaaaa....!! jeles! jeles! nk jugak! dh abes ke weyh? oh, sangat sedih :'(

ederq said...

iya donk meeza udah abis! waduh kamu ngapain ketinggalan sih? hihi ok la tu, x abes duet. haha. tp byk lg warehouse sale pasni. tggl prepare duet je.