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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mira's solemnization vs Michael Jackson

i was driving to Royale Bintang Hotel this morning to pick up our new colleagues from India. and was wondering why the hell all these radios are playing MJ's songs? is it his birthday? is he dead? no way! i thought. and he is dead. yeah everyone knows that now.

well, i was shocked. i must say. in fact really shocked. i'm not a big fan. but i grow up with MJ's songs. dont we all? set aside his personal problems. he is sooo irreplaceable. even james hetfield (metallica), dolores oriordan and even siti nurhaliza punn replaceable kan. (i cant believe i mention her!) but Jacko is one of a kind. he is a legend!

mmhh.. people say famous people will not live long. i dont know. no comment. that's not our job. it's god's.

he is dead as a muslim. right? we believe whoever converts to islam, he will be sinless. so, being a muslim for few months and if he behaved good enough since then, who knows if he has less sins than us? if so, lucky him.

okay, separate story.

tonight i'm going to attend mira's solemnization. i'll be the pengapit. hihi. cant wait to see you tonight dear. but the worst part is, i still dont what to wear tonight or tomorrow. my bad!

have a nice weekend folks! muuaacchss!

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