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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

weddings bliss

so i went back to JB last weekend to celebrate 2 weddings. with encik supir which is my encik tunang.

first wedding was dayah and wan's. they have been together since Form 5! so you do the math! yes, they have been a couple for 9 years already and now, married. i'm amazed. salute!


white and pink pretty interesting for a wedding. i like! but i won't make ariff wear pink. he'll definitely will sulk for the rest of his life. or maybe will not turn up on the wedding day! hehe.

ili is super duper slim than the last time i met her. envy her.

i was hoping to meet my other old friends at JB at their wedding, but, SIGH. not many turned up. perhaps because of too many weddings on the day. i miss my days at UDA you know. full of stupidity but there were loads of fun. :)

later that night, i went to iza's crib. it was her solemnization day. she is one of my best friends. we have known each other since form 4 at STF. we met again in KMPP. me, meut and iza were the gossipers gang at KMPP. oh i miss those days. days when after makan, tangan kering because of malas bangun because nak sambung gossip, naik bilik tido, bangun makan, beli bra rm3 at BM, cheap sunny and cam whore like never wore a sunny before, the moment when meut threw her putus bra at my face, paksa i jahit because i tarik sampai putus (and i jahit tau!), usha and had crush to hopeless guys, berebut baby sha na na, outing to island pakai baju kurung but when reached there, tukar jeans, tido umah tok iza, and the lists go on and on... i enjoyed my year at KMPP. because of bunch of friends that i love so much. till today. full of memories. not to mention, the hurting one (not with them of course). okay, that's a different story.

back to iza, since then, we meet each other not a lot i must say. but we are always in touch. and always know that no matter how busy we are, how many new friends have we met, we'll always there for each other. that's the best quality of a friend. i think. because i hate manja friend who always wants attention. not really hate, but not liking it. and that's a separate story too!

back to iza, okay okay for real. i was there on her solemnization night. i was the pengapit. and somehow i yang nervous the moment tok kadi came in. cheh! suka la drama tau.


after 2x lafaz, (the first one he said seutai rantai, haha!) puan rosniza she is now! i still cant believe it! hihi. congrats dear.

puan rosniza with encik khairul anuar

the next day, the reception day. meut was there too this time. kepak2 kepung2, kipas2, gedik2, galak2 and all. and fewh. the day is over. time to go back to KL. but before that, enjoy the pix!

yes, we are older now. but all remain the same.

i love us!

wish you guys all happiness in the world

eh wait a minute! remember few weeks back i was craving for kacang pool?

for those who doesn't know. this is kacang pool. (the sauce is like malaysia's version of bolognese. tapi tmbh kacang parang. eaten hot with bread n egg. layannn)

oh excuse my selekeh face with t-shirt pinjam. that's my preggy cousion. she is just 23 tau.

oklah. till then, bye!


aZZa said...

hahaha.. akhirnya dpt jugak lihat wajah si meut..

aZZa said...

hahaha.. akhirnya dapat jugak tgk wajah si meut..

Najib SUKA™ said...

kacang pool????
pasal aku leh x tau ni...
menate gapo tu????
nampak mcm menyelerakan jer.....

ederq said...

azza: kau da lame xjumpe dia eh. huhu

najib: mmg setapp pon. aku rs ni asalnya mknnan arab kot. tp xbyk tpt ade. n kalau ade pon, xsama dgn kcg pool haji ni. nyumm