mata duitan

Monday, April 18, 2011

sad thing

tomorrow is terrifying!
mommy has got to work darling
be good to tokmi ok

i have few more months to achieve my target.
kemon kemon (hahaha)

hope boss wont mind me spending few minutes in a day for pumping sessions.

i'll miss my baby terribly. i know. even now, she's asleep in her cot, next to me, i feel like lifting her up n put her on my chest. all night long. but thinking back that since she did not sleep much today, got crancky at most hours so i guess i'll just let her sleep.

yes i should be sleeping by now.




nadeera said...

oh tidak..dah nak kerja ker??saya next thursday dah kerja..rasa cepat jer 2 bulan tu kan..asanyer stok susu mcm tak cukup jer tuk anak..ngeh2

Im Superman to be said...

Ko plan nk BF until few months jer kew? Alang2 dah BF...BF je lah smpi nk dpt anak no 2...

ederq said...

hi nadeera, baby minum byk wo. cepat2 stock up. i pun x byk stock huhuh

Im Superman, err awak salah paham kot. BF as long as mampu. few months to target utk achieve objective kerja donk :)