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Thursday, May 5, 2011

how to baby dance?


i got few friends, asking me on tips on how to make a baby. ok, that sounds weird. everyone knows how to make baby! never mind. before you keep on reading, please understand these:

  • this is my personal view only, based on my experience
  • i'm writing this for sharing purpose. does not mean i am so pandai. i just thought that this is good to be shared with.
actually there are a lot of books and sites for you to refer. but here i can list out some of the important points.

before you plan to conceive

  • know yourself. track your menstrual cycle. are they regular? if yes, good. if not, seek dr's advice.
  • practice healthy diet. consume more green. YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. pergi paksa dia makan sayur! jangan makan asam jeruk, air gas. jajan and fast food, kurangkan. ask him to quit smoking if he does, kalau boleh.
  • TAKE ACID FOLIC at least 3 months before planning to conceive. so perantin yang plan nak bunting pelamin, pergi beli cepat eh. hihi
  • make sure you have enough calcium intake.
  • check your BMI. too fat or too thin? get your ideal BMI back.
  • if rajin, get a pre pregnancy check up with gynae. do not go to GP.
  • spend time to READ
sounds paranoid? well, tuhan pun suruh usaha. so tak salah usaha. selebihnya tuhan punya kerja.

in my case, my period was every 28 days every month. so it was quite easy to track my fertile days. and i actually used my cycle for my family planning masa tu.

masa jumpa gynae, she scanned my uterus and even told me which ovum ovulates that month. hihi. so masa after conceive i secretly told the boys where to go. go left go left! haha!

pre pregnancy is important if you are worry takut ada cysts ke apa. because ada kes, tiba2 pregnant and ada fibroid then you will have to choose which to let go. or just to see if you are ready or healthy to make a baby. then the dr will help you to determine your fertile days and give some tips.

i'll never forget what my gynae told me when i had my check up. you are a healthy and young lady, and so ready to make a baby. just do your best and ask from the man above. and, make sure you can grab your hubby during these days! hehe sebab my hubby was not in town most of days. nasib je masa tu dia tak OS. hihi

during conception (malu nak tulis)

  • make sure it is your fertile day! selalu hari ke 14. so you can work on 10, 12, 16 and 18. this is because ovum stays for 1 day but sperm for 3 days (sperm DSAI je bertahan lebih lama). so in between those, boleh la sangkut mana2 insya allah. if the boys are early, they will wait for the babe. hehe vice versa lah.
  • solat hajat sebelum itu, minta dengan tuhan
  • baca doa
  • bersopan
  • enjoy yourselves. hihih jangan stress!
  • do not wash yourself immediately after finishing. relax. elevate your waist below body. easiest way, letak bantal kecil bawah punggung. or put your legs 90 deg on the wall. paham ke? (unless if you are like saiful tu, berak pun lekat berhari2)
after conception

  • jaga makan. ikut jela macam orang kata. nenas, tebu, asam2. dont take lah.
  • jangan angkat barang berat.
  • berdoa berdoa berdoa
i guess that's it! bukan lah i cakap buat macam ni terus dapat baby. ini usaha sahaja. memanglah ada orang tak payah pun acid folic ke apa ke. sihat je baby. tapi ini yang dr recommend. tuhan pun suruh usaha. maka tak salah.

kalau tak dapat lagi, usaha lagi. banyak cara lagi. if you have been trying for more than 6 months, tapi tak dapat lagi, then BOTH should seek dr's advice. sangat pantang lah if orang keep blaming the women.

this involve 2 parties. and menurut dr hamid arshad, 40% of infertility adalah disebabkan oleh perempuan, 40% lelaki dan 20% adalah both! so it is very unfair kalau asyik nak salahkan the lady je kan.

both husband and wife kena kerja keras dan support each other. jangan stress dan jangan pedulikan orang luar. kalau tengah planning, enjoy! jangan percaya cakap planning nanti lambat dapat baby. hehe

kalau lambat dapat pun tak apa. tuhan tahu apa yang the best for us. yang penting usaha doa tawakal.

just to share, my cousin, she is now 10 weeks pregnant after 5 years being married. alhamdulillah. dah macam2 usaha. ivf tak jalan. last2 dia plan nak ambik anak angkat.

tapi ni tiba2 dia preggie. ya allah bersyukur sangat2. the whole family is so happy for her. :)

so, tuhan lebih tahu the right time to give. kita usaha dan doa sahaja. allah knows best!

oh yes, you can read my story here :) flashback sikit. hehe

good luck! my prayer is with you, untuk tambah umat muhammad SAW. insya allah :)


b said...

fuhh..bleh buat buku ni..tips2 nk dpt baby, oleh Dr. Zuraida...lalalal..

Anonymous said...

hi ederq...nasihat yg berguna..Allah memberi kepada umatNya yg meminta2,yg tak henti2 berdoa..mcm saya,minum air kosong pun berdoa "Ya Allah,kurniakanlah kepada ku zuriat yg sempurna,yg soleh,yg dpt membahagiakan diriku dan suamiku dunia dan akhirat"..Akhirnya,sya kini membawa Little Khalifah di dalam perut..nak masuk 2 bulan,doakan sya yea..

Affa Rahman

kejora said...

hoho..good tips ederq!

ederq said...

b, elehhhhhhhh

affa: congrats affa! alhamdulillahhhh! take care ok!

kejora: hehehe