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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


thanks for the votes y'all! now it is closed and here's the result:

45% - YES
48% - NO

okay now what? am i not signing up then? because you lot tell me not to? haha

(inhale deep breath) okayyy i have 3 options now:

  1. sign up as a new member
  2. get a membership transfer
  3. do not sign up
well, my heart tells me to go for option 2. then i wouldn't be forced to commit for a year. we'll see how. i still can't decide though.

but yes, maybe i will. i'm so loving the classes lah. (i will laugh hard at myself seeing me foolishly to follow the steps. ugly. you don't want to see me when i do that. haha)

BUT, if i sign up, then i have to promise myself to commit. my darling ariff will contribute for the monthly fee as well, (thanks sayang for so wanting me to be kurus) but mind you if i don't show any progress, I HAVE TO PAY BACK!

tsk tsk tsk.


aAaA said...

will wait n c dear..hope the gud news as well the results..=)

omey83 said...

ala derq..ko jog ari2 pun ok ape.ko nak bgn gerak siap gi gym pun sama je ngan ko nak kena gerak pi jog.

*tapi mungkin gym ada jejaka2 kacak/ trainer yang boleh menaikkan semangat exercise..hiks..

derqdnl said...

B: yelah. but B. u r not the only reason me doing this ok. dun worry. i wrote that way just to annoy u. :p

omey: jejaka kacak tu mmg benarrrr donk. tapi straight ke bengkok ke aku xtau. xpela utk usha kann. hahaha

intoxicated-catastrophe™ said...

hahahahha!! aku saje nk gelak..
apa pun ko buat, aku support je la.
janji bahgia.. hehee

derqdnl said...