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Monday, August 3, 2009

saturday event

last saturday, after a hectic work out at fitness first with muna (haishhh tipu la tu hectic konon! eh eh nak cite ni. dah la ada kakak tu ingat i nak join biggest loser sebab tunggu muna kat line dorang nak beratur audition biggest loser. ceh!), so i was heading to the terrace, royale bintang for a reunion-hi tea. replacing the calories burnt in the morning. eat, eat and eat. hih. (urgh i hate myself when it comes to this. i work out, then i replace it back with yummy food. dush dush!)

these bunch of people are friends from SMK BBSB. havent met them for 10 years i guess. but ida and ina ni tak lah. quite often jumpa. hihi.

we had a blast despite of having 16 person only. what to do ramai tak boleh join on the last minute.

to be honest, i wasnt close to most of them during our school time. they were not even my classmates (except faiz) . some of them, i can't recall any memory pun but when meet up macam dah lama kenal je. syiok.

as, june and yana dah ada baby. wuwuwu beshnyaaa. hihi.

thanks for inviting me. thanks for the arrangement. see you guys around!

oops enjoy the pix. not much taken. was busy eating and chatting. hih.

ida and tini

ah ini bukan sudah 10 tahun tak jumpa. hihi

ini comel kan? dah besar mesti kacak! woot!


meezameez said...

ok, saya jeles! x yah la publish haha!

ederq said...

tulaa sapa soh xdtg. haha! da dpt ke baju kawen kau weh. hih

Ms. Omey said...

derq, memang susah kan reunion nak kumpulkan sume orang..dah besar2 ni masing2 ada komitmen sndri.

p/s: wahh dah dukung2 budak nampak :)

ederq said...

tula omey.hihi. amek berkat! haha! bdk ni comel. siap mntk nk kiss aku lg befoer blk.hihihihi.