mata duitan

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my precious

updates on previous check up.
i lost 3kg, due to morning sickness. hope my sickness will get better soon.

i don't puke everyday now but when i do, it will be few times in a day. dizziness has lessen and my appetite has improved a bit. alhamdulillah.

despite me being depressed and sick, baby inside has been growing perfectly fine. i cant be any happier.

me and baby at cuci the musical

dr kata very good! walau awak lose weight tapi baby awak cukup nutrient.sihat!

alhamdulillah, i hope everything will be fine.

baby, mummy sayang sangat kat baby. grow well sayang. i'll be the best mummy to you sayang. i love you the most.


Unknown said...

auww comel mummy n her tummy. :) take care dear.

Lea Shmea said...

i agree! u're looking gorgeous with the baby bump!

Anonymous said...

me too. take care dear!


ederq said...

tq u all! :)

hazlynda kushairi said...

ala cute!
huh, i tau u takleh dtg wee-day i nanti :(

but from all the above,
i know u'll be the best mummy, babe *hugs*

ederq said...

lynda: masa tu i tgh 8 bulan! nak pegiii. hehehe masa huda kawen i pegi melaka. huhu

dialicious said...

iedaaaaa....u lost 3kg while i gained almost 2kg but how come u already have a babybump?mine looks almost buncit..still wearing normal office pants...besnyee uu!huhu

ederq said...

haha diah i rasa mgkin sbb before ni i mmg da muncit. hihi suar i boleh pakai lagi tapi kalau nk duduk kena unzip! hihi