mata duitan

Monday, August 30, 2010

hanya kerana cinta

wellllllll. i dont normally fall in love right away with malay songs. but this one,i guess i love it since the first time i heard it.

hubby was driving. and me and hubby were in the car holding hands, like usual. (it's funny when he sometimes use his right hand, letting go the steering to change the gear and does not want to let go of my hand. :p tapi kalau nak raceeeee, kena cubit baru nak sedar wife ada kat sebelah).

when this song popped in the radio. we squeezed each other's hand and i was holding my tears. and he squeezed my hand harder.

we looked to each other and smiled. no words.

i dont know if it was the song, or about the conversation that we had earlier.

oh does not matter. i still love this song. :)

blame the pregnancy hormones! for me being so mellow. and too sensitive at times. oh wait, maybe most of the time? :p


b said...

mmhh..luv u so much tau, then...smlm die drive laju2 xpe eh

ederq said...

love u too darling.
eh semalam tu laju sebab merajuk sebab perdana tinggalkan neo sorang2 kat belakang. :p

meezameez said...

alololooo comel gitu hihi ;)