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Monday, August 16, 2010

my weekend

so i planned too many stuffs for last weekend. i managed to do few things only. hih.

on saturday, after subuh baca quran sampai ngantok, i slept until 10am in the morning. got so bored and lazy to get up. watched him sleeping like a baby. . .

i'm so thankful that i get him to sleep by my side every night, to sleep in his arms and to wake up with him next to me. it's fasting month so he is around everyday. we get to sahur and buka together. i got so nervous when he said he'll be busy again like usual after raya.

my hearts pounds trillion times faster whenever he said that. i just don't want to sleep alone. i need him to comfort me whenever i woke up from bad dreams.

i have been through a lot lately. so i really need him around me like so bad.

i'll miss him massaging me am sure baby will him too as he will rub lotion on my tummy and talked to baby every night. sometimes he whispers something to baby that i cant really hear but only feels his breath as he speaks on my skin. it makes me smile every time he does that. i'm sure baby is smiling too.

i'll miss him when i crave for hugs. and kisses. and okay no need to tell that!

but i know that is impossible. he can't always be around. i'm lucky for being pregnant and sick, so boss has been so kind to me, that i will not be out station any time soon. but if my sickness is over, of course i'm okay to do all that again.

so back on bed, i waited for him to wake up. or did i wake him up? well doesn't matter. we cuddled (pa'kal puasa) and talked and talked and talked. about everything. in details.

until 2pm++..

then i realised we do love each other like so much that nobody can understand. nobody not even myself.

then we got up and later then we went to visit meeza and Miqael. OMG Miqael is so tiny little cute baby. i hold him for hours and waited for him to get up. tapi tak bangun2. yang uwekkkkk once then went back to sleep. fine Miqael fineeee. dahla suka buat mulut burung and smile while sleeping. geramnya nak gegetttttttt.

meeza, nysa (her sis) and shima (her SIL) were saying. kurusnya kauuu. kurusnya kak idaaaa. kenapa niii? mana perut tak nampak pon. oh okay pakai maxi baru obvious eh. pakai jeans tak nampak sangat. oh sudah tidak ada pipi tembam. (kombinasi komen 3 orang)

i was like. huhuhu. nak buat cane... :(

ummy cooked nasi ayam for buka. few cousins came in. i ate 1 senduk tak habis. which was an improvement. selalu 1 sudu pun tak habis. yeeee suduuuuu okay. haihhh

well that was Saturday. we dont do anything else important that day.

Sunday, we cleaned up the room. basically he did most of the things as I was pening and cant stand too long. if not nak jatuh.

later than , i forced myself to One Utama with him. kalau ikutkan memang nak baring je kat rumah. but tak apa lah ikut je. we have went to several malls and he asked me to pick up few things for raya. but i dont know why i cant pick up bloody thing. like no mood at all.

he has been asking me to buy things (belanja me) tapi keep saying. tak ada apa nak beli. isn't that weird? kalau dari dulu macam ni kan bagus. :p

they said, i'm carrying a boy sebab tu malas shopping. entahlah korang. ada cakap boy ada cakap girl. tak kisahlah mana2 asal sihat. :)

so yesterday, he did buy something for himself. myself was unlucky, i want things but no size. like all things? and i got so tired and moody. so i got nothing for myself. i have to sit my back side every 20 mins of walking. okay perhaps i'm fasting and not eating well. so maybe that explains.

but mall tour is so tiring. now.

funny thing is. he is the one who is excited to buy baby stuffs. he even wanted to buy a Quinny stroller yesterday! (even though my dream stroller will be Stokke tapiiiiii adalah mahal sangat lebih baik simpan untuk education baby. ececehhh. i want to top up my money more pun he still tak bagi beli. huhuh)

i was like, B! i'm only 3 months pregnant. dont get too excited yet. we'll do the shopping when the baby is 5 months? or 6 months? lepas kita tahu baby's sex. okay?

he smiled foolishly and said, aah kan. anything can happen. tak apalah kita save duit and doa je the best.

excited papa, he is. but i know where he got it from. my MIL dah beli playgim. and i was like hah? awalnya? haha.

anyway, tak kisahlah if you want to buy now or later but apa2 pun tuhan maha berkuasa atas sesuatu. kita hanya doa yang terbaik.

so we went to pregnant mums and baby stores more than other stores actually. not my fault. :p

got something for baby ibtisam tapi tak sempat visit dia this week. sorry ya mira. baby girls stuffs are so cute like mad! like so geramm gerammmm gerammm.

then i told him to bring me back home after buka. so fecking tired that i slept right after i stepped in the car.

i got nothing for myself. hope i have enough energy to shop again next week! come on baby. mummy needs to shop okay!

this week i feel a lot better and hope i'm back! for real.

so that was my weekend. how was yours?


~dYaHaHa~ said...

ye...adelah stokke itu sgt syantekkkk n tidak mampu..maka, quinny itu pown dah ckup okeyyy!!! haha..

~dYaHaHa~ said...

lagi 1, rugi ko x shopping..arep dah offer tuh..ape kate, suruh arep ajak aku shopping, bagi pihak ko, tapi brg kite bagi 50-50 hihi...*rolling eyes*

b said...

offer nk blanje for last week je tau mall pun tgk stroller org je kn, next week kte wat movie marathon la syg

meezameez said...

wahhhhh!! arep nk blanje quinny!! tolong jgn lepaskan peluang ituuuu!!

btw, thanks korang datang melawat Miqael ;). owh, terima kasih juga di atas hadiah itu. aku memang xde lg pon benda itu hihi. thanks!! :D

ederq said...

dyah: sebab aku penat kot. terus hilang mood. huhu. kan stokke besh kannn. nakkkkkkkk

b: tula tp b lagi reti kot design apa semua. hunny xreti pon. hihi

meeza: excited sgt dia. padahal menda tu bb da lahir pon boleh beli. lek lekkk. byk lagi menda len. haha.

miqael tersungguh comel. nanti dia da xkuat tdo nk dtg main. gerammmmmmmm. ala adiah tak seberapa. aku tgh penin sambil sopin adiah tu. hihi

aiman said...

heyy! hadiah baby aiman yg beli dulu k! HAHA

aiman said...

heyy! hadiah baby aiman yg beli dulu k! HAHA

ederq said...

aiman mmg ayahsu yg baik. sungguh advance. sila beli lagi baju baby dari skrg! haha

aiman said...

ahhh mati la beli baju. puting ckup laa haha

ederq said...

takmau puting. tak mau bg baby puting. aiman belikan botol susu. yg mhl je. murah tamauuuu. heheh