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Thursday, August 12, 2010

where is ederq?

a friend said, a good friend of mine

her: dear is your pregnancy bothering you? why you sound so upset lately?

i was shocked.

me: no no not at all, yes, i have morning sickness, hypermesis if you want to call it. but it's not bothering me at all. i love my baby. i dont mind being sick. as long as the baby inside's happy and healthy. i sound upset?

her: mm. you used to be happy. happy go lucky. and crazy.

me: am i not now? mmm sometimes shit happens. but yeah i was a bit stressed on something. but i have supportive and wonderful people to support me. my loved ones are the greatest.

her: if you have enough support then what else bothering you?

me: i dont know love. cant really tell. maybe i have to learn it to fight my own self. i need to find myself back. she's gone.

her: i know! this is not ederq i've known. go get her back. i miss her.

me: haha (i miss her too. eyes flooded)

her: whatever had happened, god knows better. tuhan tak kan uji umat dia kalau dia tau kita tak mampu hadapi. apa2 pun banyak doa. ok?

me: i know. but this seems too much. but it's ok. i'll be fine. dont worry.

her: i am worry. take care ederq.

me: please dont be. will do.

have i said i have greatest friends? and greatest loved ones. i love you all.

those who has hurt me badly, will never be a friend. never were and never will.

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