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Thursday, September 30, 2010

i need a new job!

as i walked to my work station, after lunch, my boss appeared out of nowhere and walked beside me.

boss: how long do you have for that? (eying my growing tummy)
me: i'm halfway there. it's 5 months now. *smiled*
boss: when is your due?
me: end of February next year.
boss: oh i need to find your replacement.
me: what?! why? i'm not leaving. Yet!
boss: hey hey, (followed me to my desk). spare the word yet.
me: YOU need a replacement! *rolled eyes*
boss: that's for taking whatever shits you leave us when you are gone.
me: yeah right.

boss: how long will you be away?
me: 2 months.
boss: before or after?
me: after. but if government approves 3 months maternity leave after this, then i will . . .
boss: i will sack you.
me: no you cant. it's regulation!
boss: oh yes i can. not in our regulation. 2months is way too much already. you have broken our contract when you were married. and pregnant.
me: oh cut it. no such thing! *rolled eyes*

boss: then, how long do you think you will be away after that?
me: told you.
boss: no, after that, you will be away to take your baby to clinic, you'll come late for not getting enough sleep, you will get depressed and bitchy bla bla bla.
me: yeah yeah.
boss: and you will get that post natal depression. trust me. it will happen!
me: oh yesssss. whatever! thanks for that! *raised eyebrow*

boss: ross, (talked to olynn). what do you think? do you think we should fine a replacement when she's gone? it's not that we're going to miss her or anything. i dont bother anyway. but seriously, we dont want to take her shits. *sigh*
me: you can divide them in between you guys!
boss: no i dont want it! oh you are such a pain!
me: okay now. I need to find a new job now right? okay go find one new guy. hire a guy. so that he wont get pregnant. *sulk*
boss: smile widely. no no not that. it's just that we need another person for job site. and at the same time can take care of your stuffs while you are not around. i prefer girls coz girls will take attention to details. bla bla bla
me: you sound like you dont need me anymore!
boss: laughed. just to cover u up when . . .
me: but i dont want to come back and see somebody has taken over me! i will find a new job. i will. raised eyebrow.
boss: don't you dare. laughed.

okay peep! i need a new job! got any post for me? my boss were whining and cant stop nagging me for being married and pregnant 6 months after that! he thought he had made me agreed not to get pregnant until i'm 40!

mean! i know!

haha! dont get so serious now. he does nag like all the time. but he is not serious about it. maybe not too serious.

he tolerates a lot when i come late to work due to morning sickness, when i cant travel overseas during my first trimester, when i cant do site inspection etc.

whenever he sees me sick, about to puke, he'll just ask me to go home.

not just that, whenever i have personal things to settle during working hours, he wont mind to let me go. when my grandma passed away, he scolded me for taking EL. he said that he could have covered me up, saying me off to site or something, just to save my leave.

he doesnt mind seeing me kantoi on FB or YM. he will sigh but just that.

there were a lot.

just as long as i get my work done! kalau tidakkkkkk, naga jantan dari london akan menjelma. hangus terbakar kau nanti.

of course there were times when i feel like throwing things to him. haha!

despite all those, i still need a new job! i know (hope) i will not being sack for having baby, but i need new environment. fresher! andd better pay!

yeah i know he was joking but if you know me, i have been saying this like since last 2 years. i need a new job, new job, but never move my butt to find one.

i hate interviews! i got this job when i still have 3 months left to finish my degree, back in 2006 and that was my first job interview ever and got hired and never find another.

how can i be good in any job interviews if i have only been interviewed once?! okay petronas' bulk interview during our final year at UM does not count. we were told to attend the event and i was suck! i asked them questions that i should not be asking. like, if the world is running out of oil, what petronas will do? dumb! of course they will hate me.


okay, who needs me to work with now?


  1. type very fast one *practice makes perfect. thanks to ym and blogspot*
  2. sound nice on the phone *wink wink*
  3. hate sun *skin got burnt too quick*
  4. hate to lift her butt *can sit for longggg time*
  5. love to eat snacks on desk *current job does not allow*
anyone? i can be typist or receptionist, but with an engineer pay!



b said...

if btul2 nk just bg je b cv hny...sure i will help finding one...many yg willing to hire u dear esp the maritime side, =)

ederq said...

kututs: i so sayang to leave my current field. maritime is totally new and i'll be paid like a fresh grad. :(