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Friday, December 26, 2008

gloomy boring 26th dec

26th Dec...
only 8 of us in the office today..
bored... bored.. bored..

i shouldn't be here...
i'm not suppose to be here...
i wanna go home...
i wanna spend time with Ofy and Jebon.. (sian Ofy sakit mata)
i wanna finish my book on my cozy bed...

boss actually gave us tonnes of works to do.
i always feel like hiring someone else to do this for me.
i should have finished them by today, before i can get myself on holidays next week.

surprisingly, he came to us just now (13:45) and said, you can leave now if you want. go.
i grinned and said, i'm not leaving. i'm not done yet.
are you going to finish it by 5? he asked. nope. i answered.
then just go.

wah, beriya kau suruh aku balik eh? kalau tak siap, jangan jerit2 lagi okay? hihi...

i'm gonna spend the whole week at home next week. i can't believe i haven't planned anything yet on what to do next week. no beach, no island, no vacation. nothing!

bored.. bored.. bored..............

confirmed things to do next week
  1. go to JPN for new IC
  2. go to ptptn
  3. meet Suriya, Greenapple ( for the engagement album! excited!)
  4. take ummy for shopping
  5. loads of sleeping (with don't disturb sign on the door, locked, with fully acoustic protection. hih!)
  6. go to muar for wedding reception and akikah cica.
  7. ????
i might have interest for these:
  1. futsal? anyone?
  2. paintball? ok, maybe on 11 jan as planned?
  3. go jog! (uh... i must! i must)
  4. curik abah's bike for evening / morning ride to burn some fat? (i'll only get up earliest at 10am, i promise. wait, i doubt that. ummy will start screaming my name from downstairs to wake me up. hope neighbours won't listen.)
  5. cooking class (instructor - ummy)
  6. cupcakes baking? u see, i can bake, but when it comes to decorating... ha ha! comot gile. maybe one day i'll post the pix in next entry. hih
  7. i cant think of anything else for the moment. oh, i'm boring! doom!
i might need these (depends on how many left in the bank. ummy kata kerana hendak kahwin, duit tidak boleh digunakan sewenang-wenangnya yer.)
  1. new purse (am eyeing on the red one)
  2. more books
  3. more tops
  4. tudung dubai lilit2 (walaupun tembam)
  5. new jeans (i can't wait for my thighs to go smaller anymore. because they just dont!)
  6. enough! enough!
okay dah! now get back to work.


.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

hehehe..same..bored..didnt plan anythng yet 4 dis vacation..

si dia ajak g cameron..bosan nyee..

ajak la g island ke..beach ke..hehehe.. :)

ederq said...

ujan2 ni dok umah je la. tdo besh! hihi