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Thursday, April 30, 2009

feels like yesterday...

i was browsing ariff's friendster page. BORING! haha! i remember he only updated his page for less than 5 times. he doesn't has facebook account. he insisted to have our blog where only two of us can view. just for the sake of memories when we are old. so that we'll look cool in front of our kids. hey tgk mummy daddy dulu ada lovey dovey blog tau. haa terberangan jap. (when i'm really old, will i still be bother to this all crap so called internet? hihi). but he actually never bother to post anything in it. eiiii geram jugak la kan. so it's left dusty now. then? what am i going to show my anak cucu cicit nanti. ceh!

okay okay main point. i chuckled when seeing some of the pictures uploaded in his friendster page. like, OMG this is realy old and what made me smiled: there were few stupid things happened when we took those pictures that we'll never forget. Never. It's just so many memories, dramas, tears and love of course. 6 years la weyh. lama tu. hihi

let me share some of the pix that made my day today. kalau geli, tak payah. eh don't worry all clean tau.

at LRT station. Apehal tibe2 ambil gambar sementara tunggu train. ariff bajet melihatku dengan penuh kasih sayang la eh?

okay okay ini paling kelakar tau. but rahsia cannot tell why it's funny. this was taken at genting punya cable car. oh dah lama tak naik genting coz i takot.
see my face is less tembam compare to now. but look at ariff. HAHAHA. apesal aneh gila muka dia? (lucky me he doesn't even remember my blog link!)
eh why so long my pic description?

owh ini i sukaaa :D

gedik jugak la aku ari ni. dahla all in sudden teringat kacang pool kat restoran kat bomba kat JB tu apehal. padan muka ari tu parents balik JB tanak ikut semata-mata nak pergi open house dyah.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T for TAG

baiklah ini adalah kali pertama aku nak selesaikan tag dalam blog. aku telah ditag oleh kak mas.


1) Anda perlu printscreen wallpaper anda yang tengah gune skang jangan tipu2 ek x suke...

2) Bgtau nape anda suke wallpaper anda ituhh...

kerana ada gambar jebon mendebon and ofy time baby. sangat suka.

The 4 Things

4 names that friends call u
1. ederq
2. ieda
3. zuraida
4. zu (ya ampun aku tak suke tau)

4 most important dates in ur life
1. 10/12 (my mom's birthday)
2. 21/5 (my dad's birthday)
3. 8/10 (my fiance's birthday)
4. 4/7/2003 (the day me and ariff as a couple. GEDIK)

4 things u've done in the last 30minutes
1. went to toilet
2. talked to olynn
3. lunch
4. ACAD drawings

4 ways to be happy
1. SHOPPING! oh i'm so easy to please
2. love and loved
3. have faith in ALLAH
4. be with my girlfriends

4 gifts u would like to receive
1. spa treat
2. black eyeliner (liquid or kohl) - i lost mine. so pokai to get a new one.
3. cash
4. Vera Wang Floral Princess perfume

4 of ur fav. hobbies
1. shopping sehingga miskin
2. swimming walau semput
3. books
4. enjoying good food

4 places u want to go for vacation
1. Maldives
2. Switzerland
3. Sipadan
4. Korea

4 things always found in ur bag
1. purse
2. lip gloss
3. external hard disk
4. face mist

4 u love so much
1. my family
2. ariff
3. jebon n ofy
4. all my PRECIOUS friends

4 things special for u
1. i hope, i dream, i strive, i get
2. when people appreciate me as i am
3. being hugged (i love hugs. it distress! try yourself. oi aku tak ajar korang buat maksiat tau)
4. when people has some appreciation on little things

ala yg 3rd tag ni i malas la nk carik kt HD. hihi

baiklah sekarang aku tag KAU! ha buat. kalu tak, aku sumpah korang kene gigit CHARLIE. ha kenal tak?

Saturday, April 25, 2009


well, i made a promise to myself not to shop too much on this sales. as i thought i've got most the of things that i NEED already. not what i WANT. 2 different things that i've been failing to distinguish sometimes, i mean, most of the time!

so, i dropped by at stadium shah alam for Metrojaya warehouse sales yesterday, during noon. spent 45 minutes and i accidentally grabbed a convertible eye liner from Stilla. ok i told myself this is forgiven because it is all worth! 3 in 1, and it works really really well on my eyes! YAY!
(and Iza kirim 1 set of Marc Jacobs for men perfume set for Rm90 - 75ml, after shave gel and shower gel. wohoho cheap!)

and guess what! i went there again this morning with ariff. woh we reached at 9.45am and there were tonnes of peeps! REALLY REALLY REALLY huge crowd! i need air! fresh air! ~ketiak masam meratarata~

we went straight to fragrances and cosmetics section and spent more than 1 hour there. can you believe it? kejap amek kejap letak amek balik kira2 letak amek. ceh! well he spent 1k++ for loads of fragrances and cosmetics. none for himself. semua kirim2. and me? okay what i've got today? jeng jeng jeng!

my fave: guerlain eye shadow pallete!

oh i love all those items. i bought that Revlon lipgloss+ Guerlain lipstick + YSL blusher for ummy for mother's day. boleh? hihi.. tapi tapi that YSL blusher was last piece and i nasib baik 5 seconds earlier that another lady who wants the same item. FEWH. tapi tapi, i buruk siku. think will share2 pakai dengan ummy. hihi

and makeup stuff for myself? Guerlain lipstick kiss kiss maxi shine (wuwuwu) and Guerlain 4 shades eye pallete. and few under garments (lace undies for rm5 each?? wuwuwuwu) and 1 cheap handbag. thought of buying a pair of Levi's lady's style jeans. but sadly, i'm just so fatter and fatter so i decided not to buy any jeans until i lost 2" on my thighs! ok that is sooooo unrealistic!

i must admit that i spent too much this month. SIGH! how i wish i can earn more or win cash on radio or anywhere that offer loads of cash just by answering easy question. than i dont have to worry on my wedding preparation budget.

but when looking on those tops, makeups, fragrance, bags, pants, etc etc that i bought recently, i can't help to be happy and on top of it! i got them on sales baby! so technically, i saved money! :p

but to be honest, when seeing my bank accounts i'll feel like crying. uwaaaaa

see me with my sore legs. so glad i can sit now! i need foot massage! lesson of the day: no heels on sale!

note1: LEGA that i have bought few items for hantaran. perfume n shoes. another 50% relief for the watch. ish! why do men have to spend so much on watch? ~roll eyes~

note2: hey there are few more warehouse sales coming up. zara, massimo dutti, and pull & bear, happening at the curve. MPH, Triumph and Sloggi. DROOLLLL! oi oi oi kaya sangat? hah?

Friday, April 24, 2009

the wanting to...

the wanting to have it all
the wanting to have more

they said it's a waste
i said it's a saving

it's just that
we got it from crazy warehouse sales!
how can you not be crazy of that?
worth every penny

oh i heart sales!

tak sedar diri punya orang! SIGH!

okay okay, this Sunday will be the last one. LAST until i have an emergency things to buy. i promise.

but I'll make sure it all worth!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

aku tak kuat

makin hari makin sesak. makin payah. makin letih. sampai satu tahap rasa dah tak sanggup lagi. rasa tak nak dah lalui semua tu.

betul lah orang cakap. aku akan lalui semua ni jugak. aku pun aware. aku tau. tapi aku redah je. aku ingat aku kuat. tapi tak sangat pun.

bila jadi lagi. aku ada 1 perkara yang aku mesti buat atau cari.

tolong la soften sket muka terkejut kau jebon!

JEBON - dia ni angel. aku marah/sedih, ada Jebon sure dia berjaya sooth aku. he never fails to make me happy. there was one time. aku down gila. kul 3 pagi menangis sebab dah tak tahan. turun bawah, panggil Jebon and Ofy (time ni Ofy ada). dorang temankan aku tido kat sofa. Ofy jilat air mata kat muka aku and gave the-please-don't-cry-look kat aku. Jebon dok kat kepala, main rambut aku sampai dia terlena, as if dia belai2 aku. sweet betul dorang. so sekarang korang tau kenapa aku sayang sangat dorang.

dan untuk kumpul kekuatan semula. aku cari balik old sweet memories. aku tengok gambar lama. aku senyum. aku pelik kenapa aku senyum pulak. marah ni. mmh masa tu baru aku tau aku akan ok. kami akan ok. aku marah diri sendiri sebab kadang2 bodoh berlagak jadi ego, gedik suka merajuk, moody and the list goes on and on.

satu perkara yang paling kena ingat. nobody's perfect. NOBODY. terimalah seadanya. aku tak boleh jadi macam kau dan kau pun tak boleh jadi macam aku. dan sacrifice and tolerance tu nampak senang tapi berat. sangat berat. but worthy.

apa apa pun.... aku SAYANGGGGG Jebon sangat2.

mmm yela.. okay2 juga orang itu. aku malas pujuk tapi.

Friday, April 17, 2009

oh lovely lovely

owh thank god it's finally friday! today has been good despite of the busyness since the boss is in. everything becomes urgent when he's in and we'll work our ass like ants!

this morning, a friend did a pregnancy test and thought MAYBE she is pregnant but can't be sure just yet and may need a retest. that's one. two, my cekcik (aunt) is 2 months ++ pregnant! i just found out today. hihi.. and my cousin, ae is 2months++ pregnant too.

okay okay am glad. am happy for you lot. but why can't wait until another 2 months ke, 3 months ke. why wait? hihi just so you people can attend my wedding reception. hih selfish brat! Just kidding!

okay to all my preggy friends, all the best! take a good care of yourself and that tiny tottot inside. :)

note1: can't wait to see yaya tomorrow. her tummy must grown fast by now! wuwuwuw!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


kat mana mana pun kita boleh jumpa shemale sekarang. especially kat cosmetics or fragrance counter or boutiques. ada yang kita tengok keras, tak sesuai jadi shemale. ada kita tengok cun gila sampai terdetik rasa cemburu sebab dorang lagi lawa, slim dan stylo dari kau. sampai kau tengok tak puas. dan timbul rasa kasihan sebab kau tanya tuhan, kenapa dia tak dilahirkan sebagai perempuan je kan senang? eh berdosa cakap macam tu tahu?

tapi most of the time, dia orang ni memang talented and creative. makeup, fashion, ID, hair do you name it. pastu yang aku kagum kadang2 dia orang ni lagi tau beauty tips dari perempuan. wah! aku suka kalau aku pegi kedai pastu mereka tak kedekut bagi beauty tips. kadang-kadang salesgirl perempuan lagi kerek kau rasa nak hempuk kepala pun ada.

aku akan okay dengan seseorang shemale ni kalau dia tak laser tak tentu pasal. orang selalu cakap shemale laser. tapi ada yang okay, baik pun. so jangan la suka-suka nak discriminate mereka.

kenapa aku cakap macam tu? sebab aku kesian. sebab aku tau dorang tak nak jadi macam tu tapi can't help. dosa tetap dosa tapi. entah la. kesian.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009






Sunday, April 5, 2009

being a spring

i'm a spring.
if i stretch too much, i'll lose my elasticity.
if i don't, i'll get rusty.

dear god,
please make this feeling go away..
go away.....

Friday, April 3, 2009


haha! betapa gediknya tajuk entry ni. pergi muntah sekarang!

beberapa hari lepas aku, iza, olynn, mira and yana menonton wayang the confession of a shopaholic. aku dah agak dah mesti buku lagi best dari movie. ni kalau kau compare cerita dia la. kalau kau compare casting dia. kau akan agak puas hati kerana agak okaylah sebab lebih kurang sama dengan apa yang ada dalam buku. tapi tarky kenapa kacak? tak geek pun.

tapi apa yang penting? kerjasama? (rujuk wonderpets) ya kerjasama pun penting tapi yang paling penting adalah pelakon lelaki utama dalam cerita ini iaitu: HUGH DANCY sebagai Luke Brandon. Omaigot memang gila kacak la dia ni. terus aku dapat celebrity crush setelah sekian lama sehingga encik tunang pun rasa annoyed bila aku cakap aku suka gila Hugh Dnacy ni.

Apesal dia nampak hot dalam cerita ni? eyin kata nampak selekeh je. tapi kenapa aku suka? apa yang buat dia nampak hot dem gojes kat cite ni? aku tengok gambar2 dia biasa2 aja pun selama ni. okay2, sila baca lagi:
  • sebab dia british (tapi kenapa boss aku british tak hot pon!)
  • sebab dia selekeh (kadang selekeh serabot pun hot. tapi bukan yang busuk ya)
  • sebab dia workaholic (oh aku tak tau kenapa lelaki yang beriya buat kerja memang nampak hot. okay, encik tunang ada ciri ini. yum!)
  • sebab dia semulajadi kacak
  • sebab dia relax and cool
  • tatau lagi kenapa tapi memang hot la wa cakap lu!

note: kalau dah kawin, dapat celebrity crush, dosakah?? woh ini main2 je takpe kan? kan?