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Friday, April 17, 2009

oh lovely lovely

owh thank god it's finally friday! today has been good despite of the busyness since the boss is in. everything becomes urgent when he's in and we'll work our ass like ants!

this morning, a friend did a pregnancy test and thought MAYBE she is pregnant but can't be sure just yet and may need a retest. that's one. two, my cekcik (aunt) is 2 months ++ pregnant! i just found out today. hihi.. and my cousin, ae is 2months++ pregnant too.

okay okay am glad. am happy for you lot. but why can't wait until another 2 months ke, 3 months ke. why wait? hihi just so you people can attend my wedding reception. hih selfish brat! Just kidding!

okay to all my preggy friends, all the best! take a good care of yourself and that tiny tottot inside. :)

note1: can't wait to see yaya tomorrow. her tummy must grown fast by now! wuwuwuw!

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