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Thursday, April 30, 2009

feels like yesterday...

i was browsing ariff's friendster page. BORING! haha! i remember he only updated his page for less than 5 times. he doesn't has facebook account. he insisted to have our blog where only two of us can view. just for the sake of memories when we are old. so that we'll look cool in front of our kids. hey tgk mummy daddy dulu ada lovey dovey blog tau. haa terberangan jap. (when i'm really old, will i still be bother to this all crap so called internet? hihi). but he actually never bother to post anything in it. eiiii geram jugak la kan. so it's left dusty now. then? what am i going to show my anak cucu cicit nanti. ceh!

okay okay main point. i chuckled when seeing some of the pictures uploaded in his friendster page. like, OMG this is realy old and what made me smiled: there were few stupid things happened when we took those pictures that we'll never forget. Never. It's just so many memories, dramas, tears and love of course. 6 years la weyh. lama tu. hihi

let me share some of the pix that made my day today. kalau geli, tak payah. eh don't worry all clean tau.

at LRT station. Apehal tibe2 ambil gambar sementara tunggu train. ariff bajet melihatku dengan penuh kasih sayang la eh?

okay okay ini paling kelakar tau. but rahsia cannot tell why it's funny. this was taken at genting punya cable car. oh dah lama tak naik genting coz i takot.
see my face is less tembam compare to now. but look at ariff. HAHAHA. apesal aneh gila muka dia? (lucky me he doesn't even remember my blog link!)
eh why so long my pic description?

owh ini i sukaaa :D

gedik jugak la aku ari ni. dahla all in sudden teringat kacang pool kat restoran kat bomba kat JB tu apehal. padan muka ari tu parents balik JB tanak ikut semata-mata nak pergi open house dyah.


fati said...

ur last pic!! saaaangat cumel!

ederq said...

blush blush
hihi tq fati

meezameez said...

alaaaa.. uols ade blog berdua, sgt cumel! nk jugak! hihi :p

.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

jelesnyeee... :D

ederq said...

meeza, comel kalau dua2 rajen hapdet. da lama x hapdet pon. hihi