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Friday, March 6, 2009

they irritate me!

mind you. this is an angry entry. PISSED!

i've been driving to n fro seri kembangan and my office at damansara heights everyday, this week. our water facility at my rental house at damansara has been cut - due to some stupid people who refused to pay their bills. and yes, we don't have individual metre, therefore all 6 blocks are waterless. damn! now i have to wake up earlier in the morning and face the bloody traffic jam, everyday! everyday people. u know how bad the traffic at ldp is right?

okay those stingy-not-paying-water-bills-people are group number 1 that irritate me this week. well done folks!

next! mad drivers at ldp. (this week alone). okay, let me group them:

  1. female drivers who just got their driving license, driving their new car, slowly, very slowly and carefully, very carefully, and happily made the lane slower and slower and of course look ridiculously stupid.
  2. male drivers who drive like so desperate for toilet, not giving signals, cilok2, and sudden brake just to annoy you. they tought they have what it takes to be a racer. bloody ha ha
  3. female drivers who are so selfish, not giving ways to anyone, but when she needs 1, she'll just cilok without manners at all. (i noticed this is very common in a particular group. not telling who.)
  4. motorist who likes to ride right in the middle of the road, slowly. sigh
  5. motorist who likes to cilok2 unreasonably.
  6. and the list goes on and on
and myself? what kind of driver am i? i'm a reasonably good one. heh, what's with that look? not believing me? i'll give you a ride at ldp in eary morning, then you will agree. :p


Manis fc said...

lirik lagu nirvana hang lupa wat masuk!!!lagi satu please delete ur IMPORTANT info from your DEAR...hentam sajala

Anonymous said...

hang ikut LDP lagu apa...hang ikut la Kinrara (jln dr jusco equine park tuh...jln stright smpi kt Giant Kinrara) jln x jammed sgt...lepaih tuh masuk LDP kt flyover yg tinggi tuh smpi kt tol sunway...nih hang ikut LDP 2 tol...klu lalu situ hang bule avoid tol kt ngan seri kembangan tuh...

ederq said...

nuar: eh eh jgn sebut!

anonymous (eh xreti letak nama ke?):aku tau. tapi mcm buang masa aku la. beza jarak sama je la dgn minyak. sama je dgn byr tol.

.:pUbLiC_eNeMy:. said...

da best solution is,..pindah umah yg teramat dekat ngn opis...hehehe.. :)

ederq said...

pg: mmg umah dekat dgn opis pon. ni umah parents. huhuhu