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Thursday, August 20, 2009


urgh so bored. i'm hungry and bored. i'm actually waiting for ariff to come and fetch me here, at the office. i'm starving. yeah i mentioned that earlier.

i have this problem you see. when i'm not in front of the PC, my mind will tell me what to blog (a lot) but when it's time to blog, all gone. great. and that's why you see loads of crap here. hih. SAYAPUNYASUKA LAHHHHH! hihi

okaylah. instead of forcing my brain to work out the story of one particular subject, i'll list the things that run in my mind a lot lately. some are annoying and some are the beauties. (bear with me)

  1. i hate this guy who always ejek me gemuk. i knowlah i tembam chubby debab but you do not need to be sarcastic and make fun of me in front of other people, comparing me with somebody's slimmer. hey, it's not cool. and i hate it okay. bugger off!
  2. i regret for not signing up to fitness first ages ago. i should have! if i had, i must look exactly like jessica alba by now. wink wink
  3. i love my cool girlfriends. iza, meut, gedixbabes and whoever, you know who you are. i need you to know that okay. i sayang u all okay!
  4. i have to cut down my raya budget - no tudung raya, kasut (1 pair enough!) dan kueh raya (pada2lah order) and duet raya (yang penting iklas!)!!! sorry this year money constraint okay. tsk tsk... oh thank you abah for never failing to sponsor my baju raya every year. and now i need to worry on the upah jahit. tsk!
  5. i hate peple addresing me as makcik. eg: hi makcik kau wat ape tuh. like? what the F lah? (F for funny) if budak kecil call me makcik i dont mind. but if you lot. don't okay. it annoys me.
  6. when my dad is out of town, i'll be with my mom, tidur bawah ketiak beliau. but whenever i'm too tired sometimes i think i forgot to hug her when i was asleep. then i'll drive to work the next morning with guilt. will i feel the same for my husband? hih
  7. i hate racism. maybe this will come in details in my next entry anytime soon. sick of it!
okaylah 7 is enough. i better try to finish my tasks while waiting for ariff. and i need my subway sandwich. now. now! nowwwww!!!


aAaA said...

hopefully u enjoy our date last nite...=)

ederq said...

bucuk. i did! thanks for coming all the way tau. ai le bi yu. hihi