mata duitan

Friday, April 30, 2010


i woke up feeling groggy this morning. we were both late. well actually, i did wake up, sat on the bed and lied down again. twice. so, well. mmh no choice. i still have to get up!

and as usual, drove lazily to work, listening to boring radio. man, why all these radios keep playing the darn same songs all time and i'm so sick of those hi pitch annoying adverts. huh

but then, i was glancing at my side mirror and saw a quarter developed rainbow! a bright one! probably the brightest i've ever seen in Malaysia. and on top of that, there were 2! but the other one was not so clear. and it made me smile. happy!

i heart rainbows! dont we all? awwwww.

okay, here are some photos of me and colleagues at Wellington, 2007. with rainbows! beautiful. subhannallah.

well some of my friends might say, oh come on. again. these photos.

hehe. cant help. i loveeeee it so much!

olynn, me and hisham

here i come!

lai, olynn and hisham!

this was the best job trip so far! after that, were like boring. mmhhh.

i think i need a new job. peace! out!


aziraarif said...

best kan tgk rainbow..ceria aje color dia..awat tak amik pic rainbow yg u tgk tu...

ederq said...

azira: ehhe tgh drive masa tu. :p

Mag said...

memang rainbow boleh buat kita happy..bestnye boleh amik gambar macam tu. cantik sangat

meezameez said...

i love rainbows too! hihi

cantik kannnn! tetibe macam nak pegi melancong sekarang juga.

ederq said...

farah: hapyy sgt2!
meeza: hehe nanti kuar baby, besar sket dia dah boleh berjalan dah korang!

aNoi said...

Aku pon sukaaaaaa...... sbb tue aku beli topi rainbowwwww... hehehhe