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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my wedding videographer

hi bride to bes and sedara2 or kawan2 bride to bes,

if you have been reading this blog quite a while, you will know who was my videographer. i hired Dinawedding and Encik Wira Hidayat is the man.

He is no longer with Dinawedding now and working on his own - WIRA VISUALS.

He is a nice and funny guy and highly recommended. so if you are still looking around, maybe you will want to consider him.

Abg Wira, all the best!


Fathiyah said...

hi ederq
(izzit ur nickname?)

congrate on ur pregnancy =) dah brape wiks ye? take care tau

btw,kte penah jumpa u ms b2b gath ms tu i senyum je kat u.hehehe.nak tegur segan.

ederq said...

hi fathiyah!
ederq is what my friends call me. kalau berbelit lidah panggil ieda je. hehe

oh thanks2. dah 9 weeks++

yekeee. kenapa tak tego. hehehe. i lagi segan masa tu sebab mcm rasa tak glamor lgsg di kalangan bloggers. haha