mata duitan

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thursday blabbers

me beloved parents are back home! alhamdulillah!

me beloved hubby will be coming back tonight! yay!

me beloved me, eh me is getting clumsier everyday! boo!

me is having a self conflict when my lacey undies are getting smaller. oh yes they shrink! sobs!

me cheeks are chubbier now, said Andrew. awwwwww!

me boss asked me to go on diet. oh shut up!

me is fat. thank you.

me don't give a damn! bwelk!


Unknown said...

ahahaha ape la bos ko suh diet2 plak..ahahhaa..

ederq said...

tula pasal. dia ckp, do u realise u r getting fatter? diet!
aku slalu ckp no i'm pregnant! haha

meezameez said...

harusla getting fatter. kan pregnanttttt haha!

Little BlueBird said...

me said..dont worry..hihihi...

ederq said...

meeza: hahahha itulaaaa

lilltle BlueBird: hehe i likee!

Unknown said...

bos lu tak tau makna 'pregnant' kot. cuba la ckp melayu ke..ckp cina ke,plak kan..haha

anyway smoga sehat selalu :)

ederq said...

boss ieda mat saleh. tapi sebenarnya perut dia lagi la besar dr org sembilan bulann. hahaha