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Friday, December 31, 2010

two thousand eleven

wow 2011 is coming. my 2010 is somewhat good. there were ups and down. joy and tears.

it was totally a new life when i begin 2010 as a wife and then becoming pregnant in the middle of the year. i am blessed. alhamdulillah.

well i've wrote a little bit of what happened throughout the year on our first anniversary entry. oh if i want to add on something that would be my career. not happy. am hoping for the better for 2011, aminnnn.

but, my July was pretty cursed. i was supposed to be happy that month. it was our anniversary and birthday. i was happy until 31/7. it was the date that i will never ever forget in my life. yes, i'm being harsh to myself for not letting myself forget that dreadful thing.

it has been haunting me to the worst stage ever for months. and till now, i still remember it like everyday. i have to be thankful for the loved ones around me who has been supportive and loving me like always. i dont need to mention their names. you know who you are. and thank you so much!

and the first and foremost reason that i'm still where i am now, is this baby that i'm carrying, heavily.

few friends told me, ida apa2 pun ingat baby. ida, orang mengandung selalu diuji. kalau kau kuat, baby lagi kuat.

gosh! if it is not for her, i would be somewhat crazy and numb and careless and ahh i do not want to imagine it. i cant even believe myself for being like so weak and vulnerable. and yes i blame the hormones sometimes.

i'm just praying that it will never happen again to anybody in this world. ever. and to forget? never. to forgive? no. not yet. maybe never too.

enough about that.

important thing is i end my 2010 with happiness. i'm just relaxing at home today with people i love the most. and excited for the upcoming baby in next 2 months. wow! i still cant believe it!

2011, welcome aboard! it will be another new stage for me. like a hugggeeeeeee step to move. i'm going to be a mommy! hope to be a good one!

and i do not to brag about my resolution here. just hoping for the best, enough said.

and for my love, i hope to be a better and better wife for him. i will always love him forever and ever. praying that he will be the best husband and daddy and lead our family to the right path, aminn.

family, i love all of them to bits.

friends, thank you. you guys are superstars!

and my readers. oh thank YOU! for you know reading my crap. hope i wont bore you too much! if i do, you would not be reading this till this far, would you? :p

life is so short. please dont waste our time hurting other people. all we want is happiness!

and wishing you all a livelier and happier 2011! god bless us all!

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