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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


hi! let's go random ok!

~ i have so many things to write but no mood. sigh!

~ we just got back from Singapore for my company's family trip. will update on that!

~ a tragic thing happened to my family recently. serious macam samarinda ke cerekarama ke. but it is worse because it was real. unsangkarable. tak apalah. tuhan je yang balas. u just wait.

~ how do i get rid of these pigmentation on my face?!! urghh! i'm getting old!

~ i'm still fat. and i appreciate constant comment from others on how fat I am now. T__T

~ hati bernanah2 lagi ni. and this time i just don't bother. and i'm quite use to it now.

~ i wish i have extra 8 hours in a day.

~ i'm such a loser. pfft!

~ hey, above all that, my superstar is 5 months young today!

eisya darling, you are my everything. my all. and you are my world's greatest daughter!

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Sue Anna said...

alololo comelnyee eisya dpt trofi.. anak perangai mcm datin ke cranky ke xkisah la kan.. mereka tetap pojaan hati.. hehe