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Sunday, November 20, 2011

pumpkin pancake and beef pasta recipe

hi mommies,

it's 130pm and my baby has not taken her nap yet. being all fussy, clingy today. she's teething! gigi lagi 1 kat bawah nak tumbuh, badan a bit dedar.

anyway, i'm sharing what have i prepared for her for today's breakfast and lunch.

pumpkin pancake with raisin

baking powder
milk-ebm or fm
vanilla essence
pumpkin puree
cinnamon powder
melted unsalted butter

mix all thoroughly. and cook on non stick pan and cut with cookie cutter for desired shape.

spinach beef pasta with raisin

for pasta sauce

celery stick
unsalted butter

melt unsalted butter in a pan. stir fry onion,garlic and celery stick. put beef let it cook and add water when necessary. dash a lil bit of oregano. add spinach and raisin. blend all and pour on cooked pasta of your choice. put grated cheese on top for mensedapkann

okie dokie selamat mencuba.

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darlachinta said...

X sabar rasanya nak baby bila tgok resepi2 nie..;(

b said...

selamat datang ke blog chef ederq...lalala...senduk-senduk ederq...hahaha...

ederq said...

irna: haha cepattt ada baby cepat hehehe
b: eelelelelelelee

Sue Anna said...

derq,daging tu u guna yg batang pinang punya ke, daging kat supermarket tu?

ederq said...

sue anna: kat rumah i memang beli daging tempatan. i selalu guna batang pinang or mana2 part yg lembut. tapi ni daging korban ni. hehe