mata duitan

Friday, January 18, 2013



just my random thoughts:

  1. Blogging has been boring lately. or I AM BORING! yeah, must be that. hih.
  2. I miss Eisya. I think I haven't spent enough time with her. She needs more mommy's attention. And she will turn TWO in a month time! wow!
  3. 2013 has been hectic!
  4. Men sometimes are selfish! grrrrr...
  5. I am so so so tired tired tired and tired. 
Bye! TGIF!!! 


yaNa said...

jgn stop tulis blog!
aku suka baca cite eisya..
rasa cm tgk dia membesar depan mata.. ;)

iza.rahman said...

No. 4

Saya 200% setuju :p