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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The birth story of Eisyqina Safiyya


I miss my blog! haha. 

Yeah I know I know. This is so basi already. I have drafted my blog/FB notes for 10times I guess when I was still on leave at home being mak lampir. But satu pon tak complete. Too many distractions! That is me being a mommy of two demanding diva princesses. Sooooo tiringgggggg. So I will really need to rest for quite sometimes until we produce another one! So far2 anak-anakku, pregnant mabok teruk. Beranak senang. Lepas beranak, agaggaaga diva dedua. hehe. 

OK. Back to the birth story. Alhamdulillah it was easy. But only the labour part. Others was pretty tuff. 

I actually planned for water birth at home. And I agreed. Yes. I je agree. Hubby disagree. I can't even get my mom to support me. I actually wanted it really bad. So I dragged hubby to gentle birth class (Hayati Muzaffar, hi Yatt! :) ), hoping that he will get the hidayah and agree for my earlier plan. 

Apakan daya semua harapanku menjadi debu. So finelah. Hospital pon hospital lah asalkan I get to deliver as how I want and mendapat restu suami. So we talked to our doctor, presented my birth plan. Everything seems to be good. 

My EDD was supposed to be on 21/8/2013. I prayed hard so that I deliver a week before that because Dato' Dr Zarul will be flying to US on my EDD. And I was quite worry if dia takde then my birth plan takut doctor lain tanak layan. But he said he already briefed his team about my plan. I also prayed so that baby give mommy can nak raya dulu. So I really wanted my baby to come out on 39weeks - 14/8/2013. punya demanding mak dia kasi arahan kat baby dalam perut.

So... raya 8/8 kan? We raya at my parents' house at Sg Buloh je sebab tanak travel jauh2. 38weeks dah masa tu kan. Tiba2 Allah nak uji kitaorang. Hubby was admitted to Tropicana Medical Centre on 3rd raya. He had appendicitis and inflammation kat usus. So dahh kena

beraya kat hospital pulak kan. So I took care of him for 4nights. He had to stay longer in the hospital sebab on antibiotics tu. Actually masa kat hospital, I was so veryyy tired. I did not get to sleep well. Yela dengan perut besar, tempat tidur kecil. I really missed my bed lah that time haha.

Day1 at hospital - Hubby went for the operation.
Day2 - jaga hubby. 
Day3 - ingat nak balik rumah nak rest tapi hubby baru lepas buat CT scan so he asked me to stay sebab tak larat sangat. 
Day 4 - I went to office kejap nak setel few things. Then back to hospital. 
Day 5 - teman husband sambil buat reply emails andddddd..... 

so it was 14/8/2013, day 5 at the hospital jaga hubby. it was 5pm++ and i was sitting on my gym ball while replying my emails, sipping my red raspberry tea. suddenly i realised that my braxton hicks got a little bit stronger and frequent. this BH thingy, i got it since i was 7months pregnant i guess. wait, was it 5? dunno. tak ingat. masa pregnant eisya tak ada pon BH ni. i read that it is normal to get BH earlier during second pregnancy and we don't normally have it during the first pregnancy. 

i started feeling curious, so i watched the clock. so the BH came in 4minutes interval. i thought, 'wait. if it's BH why is it constant? and if i'm in labour, why am i not feeling the pain?'

i told my girls, and masa tu yaya and dyah said - ederq! u are having a mild contraction. u are in labour. malam ni kau beranak!

aku ni ye ye in denial. tak la bukan ni. BH je. haha. 

i also told Ayin ( i proposed her earlier to be my birth mate as hubby won't be around). asked her to get herself prepared. manalah tau kan nak beranak kejap2 lagi. 

i texted Yatt also, and she said. don't time. u will know when the time comes. 

i texted my mom - 'ummy. kak long rasa perut mengeras setiap 4minit. tapi tak sakit pon. nanti ummy lepas buka puasa, datanglah terus. kaklong balik tido kat rumah malam ni. mana tau esok2 beranak.'

and she called, tak cakap helo tak bagi salam --eh kaklong! setiap 4minit tak lama dah nak beranak tu!!! kejap lagi keluar la tu. siap2 nanti abah amik sekarang ni dia amik. 

eiii belumlah ummy. kak long tak sakit. takyahlah dulu. malam ni lepas buka ummy datanglah amik kaklong. esok kot ni. 

eiiiii budak ni! main2 dia. nak beranak dalam kereta ke? ummy dulu anak kedua tengah sidai kain sakit pastu terus beranak. takde lama2 punya. siap2. abah amik sekarang!!

mmh. that's my mom. 

so around 7pm, abah dah sampai kat bawah. i minta restu from hubby then left him alone. sedih pulak nak tinggal dia sorang2 kan. 

went into the car and marah abah, tak nyempat2 nak amik. kak long tak sakit laa. barang pon tak sempat kemas.abah cakap. ummy yang suruh. *buat muka inesen

dalam kereta, abah drive laju selit2 semua. macamlah baby dah nak keluar masa tu. eii abah. bawak slow2 je. kaklong bukan nak beranak sekarang. 

abah kata, eh taklah. abah nak buka puasa ni.

cover habissss. 

sampai rumah, marah ummy pulak. kenapalah panik sangat miii. 

ummy cakap, eh abah yang nak amik. *buat muka inesen

cute sangat dedua ni. suka pura2 inesen.

then, ummy asked me to eat and solat and mandi. lepas tu kita gi hospital! 

tak sakit teruk lagi la ummy. nantila. 

eii kang beranak kat rumah, nak ke?


budak niiiiii. sapa nak sambut?

ummy la! 

biar dok ponggggg! 

kikiki. so, makanlah. tapi masa makan dah rasa makin intense pulak. pon masih in denial. ni contraction ke. lepas makan baru macam pasti. ok. i'm in labour. sakit oi. i thought, esok kot beranak.

again, i made myself a cup of red raspberry tea, swallowed 5 capsules of VCO. i tried to lie down on my bed after mandi and solat magrib (cos i miss my bed so much :p) but that did not feel right. 

i went downstairs, sit on my gymball and breathe each time i feel the pressure on my back. 

eisya on the other hand keep bugging me. yela she missed me la kan. dah berapa hari tinggal dia with tokmi. each time i breathe deeper she asked. mommy kenapa? mommy ok ke?

and my brother, iwan keep asking me to go to hospital. siap cakap. jangan tunjuk tererlah! pegi hospital la wehh.cait budak ni. 

then, i asked bibik to prepare some hot water for me to bathe. sebab baru teringat warm water can reduce the pain. oh hell yeah. it was such a pleasure when i had warm water on my back each time the pain came. i was even thinking to deliver the baby alone in the toilet because it felt so good there. ahha. 

tapi tiba2 muka nagaan ummy menjelma seandainya aku terberanak di dalam toilet, lalu aku cepat2 keluar toilet dan pakai baju dan cakap kat ummy. ummy solat la isya'. pastu kita gi la hospital. dah boleh pergi kot. 

but i'm soooo wanna try water birth okkkk! maybe next time. hehe.

then, i told Ayin to come over. 

915pm - in the car, i actually breathe harder. i started to vocalised - Allah. Allah. each time the pain came. but it was still bearable. i also asked my brother, alan to urut my pinggang each time i was in pain. man, it felt so good haha. 

i went to the hospital counter and asked for a room. they said ward semua penuh, dr zarul MC hari ni.
this time i dah start sakit kuat. it was 930pm. 

habis cane ni. saya nak beranak ni. dr zarul kasi saya beranak kat ward. *sambil tahan sakit. 

then one of the nurses nak tarik i masuk bilik nak buat VE and CTG. 

i immediately told her - eh tanak tanak. u bukak my file ada birth plan dalam tu. dr zarul cakap takyah. i nak terus masuk beranak je ni. *sambil tahan sakit. 

then pakgad came nak bawa i naik ward. he asked me to sit on the wheelchair. i declined. he insisted and before he finished his words, i said firmly. TAK NAK! SAYA NAK JALAN! 

then tengah2 tunggu nak masuk labour room (sebab ward penuh), i wailed. Allah. Allahu Akbar. in front of everybody at the ward counter. there were some women, watching me and smiled to me, like good luck smile like that. hehe thanks. 

i went in the labour room with my brother, alan. he asked if ummy can get in to replace him. i said no!!!! haha. i need his hands to urut me k. 

this time, it was different from my first labour. i was well aware on what's going on. i was in full control. yela kan. i was all by myself. hubby was not around. alan tu pon tekejut kot tiba2 kena teman i beranak. haha. 

i was standing, bearing the pain. and alan massaged my back each time the surge came. i drink a lot of water too to keep myself hydrated.

then, the midwife came in.

nurse: puan, boleh tak kita nak check VE? kita nak tau progress puan. 

me: tak boleh! baca birth plan i. dr zarul dah agree. 

nurse: tapi kita nak tahu puan bila nak beranak. 

me: saya dah nak beranak ni! dr zarul mana? nurse saya mana? (sebab dr zarul dah assign 1 midwife for me)

nurse: dr zarul mc. tak boleh datang, tak boleh bangun dia slipped disc. kita check VE sekali je k puan. sekali je saya mintak. 

i was soo frustrated at this point. hubby not around, ward penuh, dr takde. blerghhhh. 

me: haih yela yela. tapi tunggu saya tak ada surge baru boleh. 

nurse: ok. puan naik atas katil ye. 

i was on the floor at this point of time. having my head and arms rested on chair, kneeling. i took one of the pillows to support my knees. 

me: *tried to get up. saya tak boleh panjat dah katil ni. 

alan: kat lantai je boleh?

nurse: okay kita lapik. so puan, da boleh buat ve?

me: belum. ada surge ni. 

nurse: ok now?

me: sabarrrrrr! sakit lagi nii.

me: i rasa kan. u memang tak boleh buat dah ni VE. tak yahlah. baby dah nak keluar ni. cuba tengok. 

nurse: *she bent down and checked down there and said Allah! dah nak keluar ni.  

other nurses rushed and took their equipments. i saw few of them were reading my birth plan once in a while before talking to me. 

nurse: puan. saya (dont remember her name). saya yang akan jaga puan ye. kita panggil dr ratna boleh tak puan? 

me: korang tak leh ke sambut baby ni? 

nurse: kena ada dr jugak puan. kalau apa2 hal better dr ada. 


tiba2 alan cakap, ada ke dr lain? 

nurse: ada. kena call. dalam 15minit dia datang.

alan: ha ok panggil dr tu. 

pandai2 aje budak ni. whateverlah. aku dah nak beranak ni.

during my pregnancy, i always said i wanted to try to squat. but i did not feel like squatting at all. kneeling was the best position at that moment. 

mula2 i kneeling and alan support me from my right side. then i suruh alan amik kerusi, bantal. i rest my knees on the bantal, and both hands and head on the chair. nurse getting ready behind me. sorry la nurse u have to see my bum. kiki. 

I was layaning my surges and i can remember i did smile through the process, visualising the baby. reciting alhamdulillah for each surge, as the baby is 1 step closer to mommy. i tried hard to remember what I have learnt to visualise, to breathe calmly. But there were 1 time I wanted to cry and said sakitnya... then I quickly said to myself, baby is coming soon. relax. breathe. ingat Allah. sakit is good. baby is closer.  

Then one of the nurses asked, puan. ada sorang perempuan nak masuk. boleh ke? 

oh tu kawan saya. kasi dia masuk. 

then, Ayin stepped in. i did not think that she can actually make it. I was happy la to see her that time. Alan was being very supportive. kelakar pulak ingat balik bila dia kata, ok dah nampak kepala. sikit lagi kaklong push!

well, i did not push at all. i breathe and breahe and breathe. i dont remember hearing the word or should i say instruction to push from any of the midwives. so they really honoured my birth plan. 

Ayin tanya, kau nak aku amik gambar tak? NAKKK. haha. nasib ada ayin adalah jugak gambar beranak.

what? no, oi mana boleh letak sini! haha. 

Alan and Ayin stroked me, giving me good words. just what i need and finally she came out at 10.30pm. She was born en caul. Alhamdulillah. Orang tua kata lahir dalam tembuni, orang berani hehe. mudah mudahan. 

Unfortunately she tertelan tahi already so terrrpaksa jugak buat suction. dunno why dia distress. perhaps mommy stress fikir macam2 dalam kalut2 tu sebab hubby tak dr takde ward takde haha. tapi semua ok alhamdulillah ya Allah.

One of the nurses wanted to clamp the cord immediately but Ayin stopped her and told her to wait few more minutes. Thanks babe. 

Then I took my baby to my chest. She tanak BF maybe sebab fobia kena suck. then I just hold her jelah, skin to skin. bau baby masa ni wangiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. sekarang pon wangi huhu kalau boleh buat perfume bau macam baby kan bes hehe. 

Then Dr Ratna came in. I dah nervous ni cemanalah kalau uri lambat keluar mesti dia nak cucuk je kan. then she gave few more minutes kalau tak keluar jugak she will intervent lah since risau of bleeding risk. lupalah dia explain apa. i just said ok.

Then she checked if I got any tear. Alhamdulillah no tear, just a minimal grazing that do not require any stitch. 

So selamatlah. Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for us. 

Thanks also to the hospital team (Putra Medical Centre, Sg Buloh) for honouring my birth plan. 

Next day, hubby dapat hospital leave and came to visit me and our baby. 

Then Dr Zarul called me, asked if everything is OK. and he apologised sebab tak dapat datang. He was actually looking forward for my birth as he wanted to experience a new thing as what we call as gentle birth. tapi apa boleh buat dia tak dapat bangun langsung, slipped disc. huhu. 

Safiyya ni anak yang mendengar kata sebab dari awal mommy kata keluar masa 39 weeks which was 14/8/2013 haha. thanks baby. 

So, next baby? Water birth (at home) please B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe.  

OK bye!!! Wishing all expecting moms the best! 

Eh cop cop. Before I end this, I'd like to share what I think help to ease labour pain.

  • Red raspberry tea leaf (started after 36weeks, till now)
  • VCO - virgin coconut oil (started even before pregnant, till now)
  • Air kelapa muda (started since early pregnancy - to ease mabuk. some say jangan amik awal2. but I amik aje)
  • Visualisation 
  • Zikir
  • Amalkan Surah Maryam, Surah Yusuf
  • Restu suami
Apa2 pon, kita hanya berusaha dan Allah yang menentukan segala. No matter how you deliver your baby, Allah has promised a great return for us, mothers. Niatkanlah segala usaha kita kerana Allah. Tiap orang ada rezeki masing2. 

So, berusahalah macam2 and let God. :)



nurn said...

Inspiring! Tahniah^^

Nuraliyah Mn said...

Best dan kelakar! Lol.

Tahniah sbb berjaya pertahankan permintaan birth plan walaupun suami tiada di sisi.

Waterbirth plk lepas ni. ;)

sha said...

akhirnya updet blog. yey! hehe. congrates dear. pasni kita tgk sape dpt no. 3 dulu eh :)

ederq said...

thnaks nurv :)

sha! haha bz k. kau dulu la. aku lambat lagi haha

Fifi Nadhrah said...

sangat2 memberi motivasi.. terbaik.. :)

Nur Illya said...

truly inspiring. i tried finding your birth plan tapi u tak blog about that ye. since i love your labor story ni do you mind sharing it to me? i tgh struggle buat birth plan ni and i would appreciate if you could email to me :) my email:

you have beautiful daughters:)