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Friday, March 19, 2010

god help me

ahhhh i hate to write this but i just can't stand it anymore.

i don't have the patient to deal with stupid and lazy and pampered people.

and i'm no good in pretending to be a nice lady anymore.

and i have no talent to be polite when i hate the way you work things.

and i have relatively low tolerant with people who thought they are big just because they are somebody. like i care??

and maybe that's why i should be behind my desk, doing my design and proposal. not dealing with some bunch of arrogant and dumb people. no fun.

no fun at all.

but i rarely meet this kind of people. most of them are nice. but this one.urgghhh. they are killing me!

god help me. don't take away my strength. give me sweetness to deal with these things.

ah thank god it's friday! i'll be out shopping tomorrow. hope that helps. well at least, during weekend.


1 comment:

Mag said...

huhuhu..abaikan aje die=)