mata duitan

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wedding gathering - our booth!

hello peeps!

i cant help being excited for this upcoming event!

what we are offering here:

  1. ieda's and meeza's wedding dresses (and friends' for rent)
  2. veils and crown for rent
  3. few dulang hantaran for rent
  4. tudung (sale)
  5. contact lenses (sale)
  6. and few other wedding items (rent)
  7. 2 hot babes (my assistants) for rent! (JK! haha mampus dua orang tu cubit i)
come and visit us!

see you all!

ieda n meeza (and lovely friends)


fati said...

darling, i tak jadi join... kn outstation :(

ederq said...

kenapa kenapaaaa boss u suruh pg OS di saat2 genting niii. eeehhehe

aziraarif said...

jumpe disanaaaa

aziraarif said...

babe...nanti i nk tanye u honeymoon kat bali..coz i dh nk tanye detail lagi...nanti cari i tau azira

ederq said...

hi azira. ok jumpa nanti. hihi dah lbh krg nama hubby i je ni. :p

hazlynda kushairi said...

insyaAllah see u there babe *wink*

ederq said...

cpt hafal muka i linda! haha

Mrs. Amie said...

OH!nie ker booth u? hahaha.. thanks for droping babe! keep in touch! i was so busy that day.. jaga anak + business in 1 time so hectic la.. haha.. take care!

ederq said...

haha booth depan2 je kan. i dgn kwn2 asik ckp cute ah cute ah baju tuu. hahah

i knoww sume org mcm bz xsmpt nk say hi sgt kan. hehe. keep in touch!