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Monday, April 19, 2010

wedding stuffs for rent

hi ladies

i know i have been slacking. i had promised to upload the pictures of my (and friends') wedding stuffs for rent. the thing is, i haven't got ALL the pictures yet.

so in the mean time, please email me for the details okay.

as far as i remember, these are the available stuffs for rent.

  1. my wedding dress
  2. my veils - off white, white and dusty pink/purple selendang
  3. my crown
  4. flower girls baskets
  5. white and cream baju nikah (2 to choose) with baju melayu
  6. white veil and cream selendang
  7. one kebaya wedding dress
  8. cekak tudung (the one i'm wearing for my nikah)
  9. alas dulang (4 varies to choose)
  10. bakul hantaran (few to choose)
that's all i can think off now. i promise i'll write about them, with pictures soon okay. and thanks to those who has emailed me before.

oh yes, here is my email address



Mag said...

veil u bg sewe berapa?email me the price eh..

ederq said...

dah email dah farah! :)

aZZa said...

eh kalo aku nak sewa baju kahwin aku camne? ada jugak veil tapi kena cari balik kat mane aku letak hihi

ederq said...

azza: ish ish boleh pulak dia lupa letak mana. haha. nak aku tlg promo ke? boleh je. bak gambar n price list. email kat aku