mata duitan

Friday, April 9, 2010

yeeba yeeba it's friday!

hello friday! u have no idea how much i adore u! haha!

we are going back to JB tonight. but before that, we will be having dinner at ummy's place.

slurpsss dah lama tak rasa my mom's cooking. every time my parents come by, she'll ask me to cook. practice makes perfect so she said.


okay cant wait to eat nasi daging with ayam madu!

hubby will be happy. as tonight am not going to force him to eat soup or green! hih

sayang ummy!


sophisticated bridezilla said...

enjoy ur weekend babe!
rindu JB, rindu si dia :(

ederq said...

tq lynda! u too! alololo sian dia. meh la dtg JB. hehe

fabulous.farah said...

wah..balik kg! sangat best=)

ederq said...

farah: heh bukan kg pon. huhu da lama la pulak x blk ke betol2 kg!