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Friday, November 19, 2010

baby's insurance


i just talked to my agent on Prumychild package. yes, it's a good package. but man, it is expensive! Rm300! lagi mahal dari insurance papa mummy dia. haha! itu pun belum ambil prubest ke apa nama. kalau itu, rm550++!


but personally, i thought it is a good policy. covered from the womb, cover education plan, also cover the child if either or both of parents dies. ala macam2 lah haku bukan reti nak faham2 semua. kena tengok balik.

what do you think?

what do you plan for your child? for your unborn child?

stem cell lagi. you all amek?

let's share! kamon kamon.

-mummy blur-


Unknown said...

Hi ederq,
erk!! nape mahal sgt! I amik for baby RM200 je. My fren (agent) 200 pun dh cukup until he's 18. Siap saving and edu plan skali.

For stemcell, my mum said hospital kerajaan ade yg dah wat (ade org ckp HUKM ade, but need to find out). It's free..cume die akan bg pd sesape yg memerlukan dulu, x semestinya utk kite. mean we r part of donor. Kalo kate private, mahal ckit and memang utk kegunaan kite je!

ederq said...

nahiz: sebab ni cover the unborn child. after baby's born je terus cover. unlike other ins pakej. i rasa kena compare2 la yg lain ada apa. yours 200 amek apa? apa covered eh? if u dun mind. i rasa macam mahal sgt 300 ni. huhu.

oh stem cell kt hukm tu kena deliver kt hukm ke?


Unknown said...'s cover the unborn child. I baru je submit, my gynae lmbt fill the form. I pun x hingat ape yg ade dlm RM 200 tu. But I have both papers to compare la. If you can wait, i'll email u by tonite.

Erm I think so la. Kalo private punye die akan bagi you 1 stem kit. And they will collect kat hospital.

ederq said...

nahiz! email to me ok.

thanksssssss! u r such a doll!

Little BlueBird said...

for me it's all about the's good for you to have protection since womb..kalau ada duit apa salahnyer...macam ia tak mampu i buat after gave birth for insurance...future baby under consideration...hihi...

sarakhan said...

hye ederq! anyway just nk share dgn u...i pun ambil package prumychild for my daughter from my auntie. i paid RM200 monthly...i bersyukur sgt ambil dis package cus my baby Qisthina dah 3 kali admitted due to bronchitis padahal i br byr 2 bulan...n i dh claimed up to almost 12k...n setiap satu hari admitted i dapat RM is a very good investment...

ederq said...

Little Bluebird: itulah kan. if money is not the issue, semua boleh. huhu

sarakhan: yeke. poor qistina. i hope dia sihat now!
apesal semua orang 200 je i kena 300. haha kena cek nii

Unknown said...

kan I ade kasi u 2 papers for you to compare between RM200 & RM 300..

tgk betul..then decide! =)
X rugi for long term!

ederq said...

NahiZ: yes i dah tengok! thanks sangat2. u've been helpful! :)