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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the solemnization

hih reading back below entry made me feel keji. i was very mad (still) and emotional. haha! let it be. memang geram punn.

andddd now it's time for a lovey dovey post y'all. and sorry yah, this blog will be full with wedding stuffs for next few entries. dont yawn just yet okayyy. hihi

the solemnization
location: masjid putra, putrajaya
date: 13 december 2009

me done and ready for nikah. seeeee the eyes! the obvious eye bags!

ariff was freaking nervous whenever we talked about the wedding previously. like other groom he worries most on the akad. takut kena tanya macam2. nak2 pulak kita orang dapat imam besar Masjid Putra yang memang famous dengan suka berlama2 masa nak nikah. hihi

as for me, i was nervous too! who's not? GULPPP

ariff was a bit late for nikah. so i used the time, pegi kat parents minta maaf and restu. i went to abah first and hugged him and asked for forgiveness dan asked him to doakan us.

mannnn! abah was touched and i knew he wanted to cry also! i'm the only daughter and he has been so protective over me throughout the years. tapi i sayang makeup, i hold the tears. tried hard okay.

then i went to ummy and did the same too. and i cant hold it anymore. the tears dropped and my ummy cakap. ishh kenapa menangis ni dah2 rosak makeup. and i tried to laugh sambil hold the tears. damnnn

iza tolong wipekan tears. nasib baik tak leleh2. hihi. mmhh the parents. the greatest treasure in my world. they have done so much that no words can tell. haruslah sedih when it comes to this part. damn, my throat is still choking while typing this! huhhh

okay here we go. it's time! luckily imam tak banyak soal. dia tanya rukun nikah je. and borak2 lain. dan dia memang banyak kisah nak diceritakan. kelakar. haha

ya tok imam sila cepat jangan berlengah lagi

abah yang nikahkan. i can sense abah was nervous too. initially he wanted to pass the job to imam tapi imam insist abah sendiri nikahkan. kan lagi afdal.

dup dup duppp

the moment came and my heart went hysteric inside. god knows how ariff's was! dua kali lafaz as ariff lambat response. and bila sah sah tu i was like OMG OMG. is this for real? and i felt like jumping. rasa nak pegi lompat kat ariff and hugged him there and then. and people say my muka galak showed in the video. haha! sengal lah.


i didnt cry - menangis gembira ke apa. my weakness that day was the parents. after nikah pon salam2 parents still rasa macam. entahlah i dont know how to describe but i know my parents sort of letting me go for ariff and felt losing me but i hate that assumption okay. i'm still their daughter. ariff is not taking me. ariff is sharing me. hihi.

oh yes, i remember this. i also felt sebak when after nikah, ariff came to me and serahkan duit mas kahwin. and i was sebak and could not say any other words but TERIMA KASIH. ingatkan nak drama sikit nak cakap, terima kasih suamiku tercinta. adinda harap kekanda akan cintai ku sepenuh ha... okay okay shadap you jgn nak reka cerita pulakk!

thank you

okay lah, itu aje kot. gambar campur2 dr camera orang2. yg last sekali je official photographer pix. me likeeeee!

and the montage as well. click here!
tak sempat nak download lah. u all tengok situ ok. done by abg wira from dinawedding


  1. i heart my nikah makeup the most!
  2. if you read my blog previously, i mentioned that i hate the material and the color for my nikah dress. but i was wrong. i heart it soooo much. even it is not white, it still look pure, fresh and niceee. well at least for me lah. hihi
  3. the song in the video is our love song. and i'm sooo loving it in our nikah video!
to ariff:

alhamdullilah we are husband and wife now. i cant express my feeling how happy and thankful i am for having you. hunny doa b n hny love each other sampai bila2. and we are blessed with goodness. i love you so much. MUAACCHSSS


meezameez said...

auuuwwwww!!! very the lovey dovey hihi :D

Elly Anaille said...

hi dear..
boleh bagi info for gamelan/kompang?

nurul arbee tak bagus ke? i baru plan nak hire her for my pelamin nnt. huhu..

ederq said...

tq meeza :)

hi elly. thanks for dropping by. yes sure. i'll shoot u an email right away :)

entah la eh. maybe i wasnt lucky kot. byk menda tak kena. and on top of that, i'm not the only one. :)

Darling Aween said...

happy for u...just watch ur video...masa akad terharu sgt..
bahagia becinta lama mcm u all then kawin..
Congrate SIS!!!

ederq said...

tq aween. hrp bahagia selamanya lah. doakan ok :)