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Sunday, June 20, 2010

looking forward for.. monday. yes monday!

u know i hate monday. but not this time. i have a lurch in my stomach to think that monday IS coming!

yeah, okay i have an important boring meeting on monday. but not that is what i'm looking forward to.

B is coming back home tonight. god, i miss him. i cant bear him not being around.

and anyway, me and family are coping well with the loss. we still talk about him, jebon. and missing him of course. but life must go on.

thanks for all the support, friends.

till then! bye! take care.

and yes. before that, happy father's day, abah. kak long loves abah. thanks for all the greatest things you have done to us! (oh did i tell you abah knows my blog and he used to read all the craps in my blog. not sure if he's still. :p)

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