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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

not to mourn anymore. . .

well yes and no.

of course we all missing jebon. but life must go on.

we talk about him everyday at home. ummy said, even my cousin also cried when she got the news. mmmmh. pain.

and i have decided not to mourn anymore. besides, there is nothing to worry about. he's surely happy there. just the part knowing him not around is never a good feeling.


moving onnnn....

life has been so busy lately. i'll be going to lumut again tomorrow. no fun i tell you.

friday, penang trip. to aiman's new campus. and B will not be coming. again.

yes, another course. boring!

he always thought that i'd be happy if he's not around. i dont have to cook, i dont have to do his laundry, his ironing, i'll conquer the whole bed, i can watch whatever i want etc etc.


but the truth is, i hate sleeping alone. and i hate to talk on phone only, not able to touch him. so close but so far away. sighhh

but yes i love to escape doing the rest. hihi.

so darling, i'll miss you when you are not around. you have been such a star lately.

:p love you.

1 comment:

amiza said...

kesiannya jebon dah takde..sabarnya.
mmg tak best kalau hubby outstation, everything need to do on your own..