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Friday, August 13, 2010

darn slow friday

ya allah me and olynn were complaining. why today is extremely slow? i have been looking at the clock and seems like it is not moving at all! it takes forever to tick to the next minute!

weekend is coming. am planning to visit mira's baby, cute ibtisam and meeza's baby, cute miqael, soon. they delivered their babies early this week. i'm so happy for them. congrats loves!

i need to clean up my room. my handbags are everywhere, unorganized. i need to do the laundry and send few things for dry clean. chacha needs to be washed. poor u chacha.

gedix ajak bukak puasa. i miss them like so much but it's mid valley and kenny rogers pulak. so tak maulah. susah nak maghrib and i always had bad experience in kenny rogers MV.

i need to rest. and sleep. good one. without bad dreams.

my brain is restless. my head's spinning and heavy most of the time. and when it is not, migrain strikes.

pain in the arse.

i'm just so fecking tired.

on my precious, i wish a have the scanner to scan my baby everyday. or put in a tiny little camera inside my womb to see how my baby is doing.

i'm a bit worry. i'm fasting. i have no problem with that. just that i cant eat well during sahur or buka. hope my baby is excellent in absorbing whatever nutrients inside me.

every day, we will rub my stomach and talk to baby to behave, to eat. not to puke. sometimes baby listens sometimes baby chose not to. sometimes baby choose to puke after mummy eats, sometimes before buka, when mummy is tired, when nothing left inside mummy's tummy to puke, sometimes, after sahur and few minutes before azan.

and i have no problem with fasting at all. eating time is trouble. i cant bloody eat. i forced and i puke. i drink a lot, but nasik 1 sudu pun tak habis. i cant go to terawikh lagi for now because am afraid of puking atas sejadah surau. mmmmhhh

it's not that i'm complaining. i'm just concern about my baby. baby, please be okay inside sayang.

the baby is 13 weeks now. i really really wish my morning sickness will be over soon.

i miss doing the cooking. for now i still cant cope with the smell. i puke everytime the smell comes.

but if that lasts a bit longer, i can't help. anything for you baby. anything. i'm nowhere near there either. some people still having this until the day of giving birth. so, i really dont know what my luck is! huhuhu

but either way, i dont mind. as long as baby is perfectly fine. that matters the most.

baby, you are lucky. everyone loves you more than they do for mummy. hehe. and mummy loves you more than anything too darling.

and you are the reason i'm still here. standing. still.

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