mata duitan

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


alhamdulillah we have survived for 2 years now. hehe.

happy anniversary my dear hubby.

may allah bless us. may we love each other, stronger everyday.

and i must say, this tiny little baby has brighten our marriage to the max. she is our everything. and this tiny little baby has thought us so many things in this life.

and she has made us put her at very first in whatever we do or decide to do.

b, i love you. 

eisya, mommy papa love you so much. thank you so much. 

oh by the way sya, please call mommy fast. mommy got jealous everytime you look at papa, with your bright eyes, beaming and called pa-pa everytime. this is mommy. not abubuu ok? maaaaammmmiiii! say it! :p

ps: hehe this was in my draft last week tak publish. haha.

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