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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

sori naik lori

just some random thoughts here.

i seriously dont understand why would someone so dare to say something really harsh like really really harsh and mean, and then expect people to forgive right away.

there are a lot of things are better left unspoken. not discussed. not heard.

and people should really think of how to appreciate others who are different or think differently from you. it does not make any of us better than each other.

first time might be tolerable but just few more times, now i'm not just poked, man. i'm all hammered!

just for so many times, i hold. i dont fight back, i swallowed. i keep telling myself, why would i be YOU?

but now i realised that i can't be me ALL THE TIME. i have my own limit. i'm only human.  i am vulnerable. 

but being pregnant helps a lot lah. i keep telling myself that i need to keep my cool. but dunno lah how far can tahan. funny that that person is not even being sensible on me being pregnant so cant you just say the nice things to me tak boleh ke? or just dont say anything. even better.

mungkin kalau masa tak pregnant kemungkinan aku untuk react macam orang gila amokan adalah tinggi. tapi kenapa je kan aku nak samakan level dengan attitude se low class itu. NOT WORTH IT.

ini bukan sebab hormon pregnant nak cepat sentap. anyone yang kena pon akan mendidih menggelegak, kuar asap kat telinga. tinggal lagi nak sembur api kat mulut je. kalaulah betul2 akak boleh tukar jadi naga. alangkah puasnya hati ini.

if you dont have nice things to say. just shut up.

kerana mulut badan binasa kan katanya.

ingat cakap sorry can change things macam tu je ke?

HUHHHHH. in your dreams.............

The ultimate tragedy is not oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. 
Martin Luther King, Jr

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