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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

tiga puluh

ok. it's finally here. i am 30 years old today.

when i was younger, i have pictured myself being 30 with a family, kids and all. good career, stylo, rich.

bahaha! i was too ambitious back then. i mean i am not there yet, as i imagined i'd be.

whatever it is, i am still happy with i what i have now. not to say that i is seorang yang cepat berpuas hati but alhamdulillah syukur for what Allah has given to me now.

i am 9months pregnant now. and this baby insya allah sama dengan mommy nanti - Leo and Syawal baby. hehe.

gosh. what else can i say. alhamdulillah. thanks Allah.

kalau ikut usia Rasulullah, ni dah half way to 60 years old. banyak lagi menda yang tak terbuat untuk bekalan kat sana nun.

semoga saya tak mudah lalai dan bila Allah bagi petunjuk tu janganlah Kau palingkan hati ini ya Allah.... 

and most importantly, 30 years back, this is the day when Ummy was in labour for the first time of her life. may Allah grant her with jannah. my ummy, the greatest woman, my idol, my love. love you ummy. 


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Fadzleen Jimmy said...

Happy birthday Kak Long!!! And congrats on the new-coming-born-baby!!