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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and why it has to be today?

i don't have the bloody mood for that, today. why must today? we have long enough time for it.

not after my lab day, not when i'm suffocating with these crazy deadlines, not when i'm in this fecking PMS. but there are times when you can't be selfish. so, you forget about yourself and for the sake of others, you just have to do it.

why? why???? why am being so nice??

i wish i'm at home with jebon and ofy now. bullying them by tighting ribbons at their tails and watched them crazily chasing the ribbons. watching them eating like those starving somalians (they never get enough). and watch jebon run like a moron without reason (think he has an imaginary mice or something).

and this morning i was a bit late to office just because jebon played hide and seek under my car. which when i found him, he jumped acting shocked! psycho! psycho lil cat!

God, i love my kitties so much! the more i see them, the more i forget of adopting guinea pigs! oh why we do always have to choose?

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