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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OFY SAYANG, baliklah

name: OFY danial
sex: female
age: 3months old
health condition: not good
lost since: 23/2, early morning.

please please please god hear me. we want our ofy back. her brother, Jebon misses her so much that he eats and play less.

and we miss her terribly.

i want her to be back home.

ofy jgnla tggl kak long..

update: she wont come back. my neighbor found her dead, in his car, Skyline engine. and now he has to bring the car to the workshop to bring out the dead body of hers. i hate when my mind imagining her suffering in the engine. siannya Ofy. she doesn't deserves all that.

*deep breath*

but at least, we found her. and she's in heaven now. we'll meet again ofy...

Ofy, kak long sayang Ofy sangat2. thanx for the wonderful 3 months that we had.
million kisses...


Unknown said...

takziah. smoga roh ofy tenang di'sane'.. huhu.. jangan bersedih.. pi bela babiguinea cepat..

ederq said...

mmg la ofy tenang kat sana. dia innocent. huhu...

da tanak dah babi guinea. tu life span kejap sangat, nanti penat nk nangis lagi. nak sayang jebon sorang je skrg.

Anonymous said...

ayat 'nk sayang jebon sorang je skrg' patut ditukar...dikhuatiri akan ada insan yang terguris kucing lebih disayangi dr mr. lovely future hubby..

dasat sungguh..

donia oh donia

ederq said...

eh eh. what i meant was animal/pet. not human being. hih!

'jebon seekor' baru betul kan?

tapi i mmg slalu refer my pet as 'orang', 'pompuan', 'laki'... sbb mmg da treat them as family..

mmmh tbe rindu ofy lagi.

mie@nis said...

Lupa nak tanya,ada sesape nak jual skyline murah2?Tak kisah tahun bper pon.