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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

am not alone. hih

i always thought i was in the deepest shit, all alone, struggling to survive during our numerous fights lately. and the issues were always on wedding preparations. you wouldn't believe on how easy i got insulted, angry and mad and whatnot. obviously i'm not the only reason. he is just the same or meaner. hihihi

tapi geram gila okayyyyy. macam perang dunia woh

but then, i realised that i'm not alone. many of my girlfriends (married or soon to be) said the same things too. FEWH. and thanks ladies for the advice. :)

the stress, nervousness, excitement, and i must say the fear in ourselves lead to copious stupid fights. oh tiring gilaa. and yes, being a woman. you will want everything to be perfect and smooth and having him sometimes not paying attention to details will drive you mad. mmh

then we said sorry and realised on how dumb we were. thought we should have talked nicer to each other. and act professional. and patience is the key. sounds easy, but i tell you it ain't! haha! especially being me yang degil and always thought i was always right (which most of the time, yes!) hihi. soo.. mmhh

nevertheless, despite the harsh words, tiring fights, we still know we still love each other and can't wait for the day....


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