mata duitan

Thursday, October 29, 2009


now let's play random. not a happy clappy post. (except point 4) dont proceed if you wish not to.

  1. i'm sick of reminding people of the same very thing everyday, for weeks or months even. and not a surprise when all you need is to whine more and a bit of smacking on the brain with high pitch voice and the talent of nagging that every woman has, then things will be done, right away. yes done with rebellious attitude but at least, it is done. if i knew i would do that on the very first place. no ms nice lady anymore.
  2. i dont accept a friend request if i dont know you. but if you happen to know me or my bf or like to be friend with me, send a message instead. then ask for friend request. then you wont get to be rejected or blocked. the reason being, i'm not comfortable with a person who wants to be friend with me just to stalk on my life (ceh kau ingat kau celebrity??!! actually this is based on previous experience. si saiko yg suka kt my bf. HUH) or to increase number or friends! (now i sound like so sombong huh. do i care?)
  3. i fecking hate my job now. bored bloody bored. it will get interesting sometimes. but now. i'm just so bored. the load is piling up but i hate to do it. is there anything i can do in the world that really can make money, and something that i'll love to do everyday?
  4. my first fitting session was fine. need to alter, kecikkan a bit. i cant wait for it to be finished! i think i'll love it! as for JB event, it is a rented one. glad that i can fit in! haha!
  5. you know all those diet food? forget it. spend your money on gym instead. no really i'm sick of those advertisements. bloody expensive and you'll never know what the side effects will be. so it's either to save up the money or go gym. well at least now i'm against it. dunno if i'll change my mind if i get overweight. ya ampun mintak simpanggggg.
  6. okay. plastic again. please dont fecking ask for plastic bag if you are buying a canned drink only. or any single item that you will consume immediately after buying, or put in in your bag or whatsoever reason that you can think off! it is soooo stupid of you. annoyed!
  7. and i hate people who throw things outside of the window while driving. be it a tissue paper only.
  8. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER! if you do, you are just a dumbass!
okay, peep. enough for today's crap. i'm a bit stressed out here. sorry for the harsh words. cant help it!

bye loves!


Ms. Omey said...

chill babe..ko stress pasal nak dekat kawin ke? ni yg aku pon takut nnti..heheh

ederq said...

omey, part of it. and too many other things! huhuh