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Monday, October 4, 2010

monday's random

hi peeps! happy monday! i wanna go random today. just because i have so many things in mind to share. :)

  1. exhausted! yesterday, our family made small makan2 for relatives and friends. sempena hari raya and my parents nak pergi haji this saturday. sorry tak jemput semua kawan2 coz the event was not a big one. the guess were around 80-100. and thanks for those who came. especially in laws family who came all the way from JB. tired but i'm so happy :)
  2. menu for yesterday - nasi ummy (ummy reka2. setappppp gila!), ayam masak merah, kari daging, roti jala, lontong - kuah masak lodeh, kuah kacang, sambal ikan bilis, rendang ayam, pudding roti, pudding laici. all homemade. thank you my cousins yang datang tolong. i love you all!
  3. one of my friends said she did not come yesterday because segan most of us dah nak jadi mummies. and she is not married yet. what the heck? she made me feel old! and i dont see any relevance there, my dear!
  4. yesterday, i got a lot of this - keciknya perut, 5 bulan! really? is that kecik? i dont think so! i got surprised each time i see myself naked in front of the mirror. hehe. i got scared that i will get stretchmarks, that i religiously lather lotion on the tummy twice a day! yeah but i know it will appear eventually. hehe.
  5. i got few comments who asked me to eat more. seeing me thinner than the last time they saw me. but i think since raya i must have gained few kgs! so, i cant eat more! quality yes, not quantity! takuttttt demutssssss!
  6. my kutut is away till wednesday night. *cry*
  7. this wednesday night ada lagi majlis solat hajat at our home, untuk doakan my parents. doakan semua lancar ya.
  8. my chacha got kissed just now by a chinese lady's car. i jumped out from the car and alhamdulillah chacha was fine. butttt i was not fine because that lady apparently has no manners at all! she did not come out from the car. instead just waved and said sorry. yes our cars are both fine. but at least, show her guilt a bit and care tak boleh ke? hoh!
  9. my baby kicks and dance and roll (whatever the baby usually do inside the womb) like nobody's business! i see my tummy moves at times and i had fun watching it. whenever i asked B to watch it, baby went all silence. hehe. but when he turned kejap, there he/she goes! toink! ohhh papa you missed it again! hehe. baby main hide and seek! but B has felt our baby kicks once, with his hand! *grin*
okaylah. i can go 100 things randomly kalau kau layan. hehehe. tapi disebabkan nak berak. i have to stop here.

i know you will hate me. always conclude bila rasa hendak berak. so disgusting!

tapi lebih disgusting if someone like so much about sharing until the kentut smell before berak pun nak share. dah lah suruh kiss dulu, lepas tu proootttt. macam suis pulak!

sampai fobia aku nak kiss kalau tiba2 mintak. tak bagi boleh pulak kata, eh suami suruh kiss, kiss cepattttt.

suami siapa niiii?

okay bye! sebelum olynn bau pelik2.

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