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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

of an unworthy person (just another 1)

how many of us actually noticed that you have been sexually harassed by somebody? and how many of us have acted to it?

most of us will just let go, no?

to be honest, working with this kind of environment - where men are the majority, i can't help of being the victim. i call myself as a victim whenever i feel discomfort about it.

those guys may think it was only a joke, a dirty joke that all adult should be able to bear with.

okay fine, sometime i will laugh of it. but depends. on whom. and what subject.

it will not feel so odd if it happened in a group. easier to let go and understand that there were jokes!

if it is someone came to you and asking odd questions directly, questions that he should not be asking at the first place, or telling you things that you do not need to know, oh man. this is a real torture.

this is what happened to me!

he may thought that i'm okay with it when i just kept my mouth shut and make a do-i-look-like-i-give-a-F look each time he opened up his unnecessary stories of him and his girlfriend.

once, twice i'll just shut up. said nothing.

third time, i said. stop telling me all these. i'm not your friend and i do not want to know.

thought he'd get it.

but i dont think so. i feel so uncomfortable when he asked me these questions:

did you wait until you get married for sex?

have you started producing milk since you are pregnant?

you have mummy smell now!

do you still have sex despite being pregnant? is there any difference?

the first 3 questions was few months/weeks ago and i answered him - why you want to know?! and never tell him the answers. and of course i was mad.

but the last one was this afternoon and i told him this straight.

do you know that i can report and sue you for this? this is sexual harassment. you should not be asking me those kind of questions!

wo relax! i asked my cousin and she never answer me. that is why i ask you.

and what made you think that i will answer that?are you dumb?

silence and he walked away.

well maybe he thought that i'm such an open minded like that.

come on. not to the stage that i'm not comfortable with! off limit! i have my own pride. and excuse me, who are you?

i'm just so dead serious. this is no joke. i know my hubby is not comfortable with this (of course!).

i will lodge a report if he does that again. screw you!

have you girls experience any? and what did you do?

i so feel like smacking him down!


yadeda said...

yeah...terrible and desperate guy...i always experienced it.and what i did, i walk away.never try to socialize with him.yes, i only allow him to talk if it's bout work..
advice : just report this to hr..

aNoi said...

ko lempang jek dia ederq..

ape sengal sampai nk tanya orang pompuan...

google je lah.

[aku plak yang emo.haha]

ederq said...

yadeda: i will if it happen again! :)

sirn: pathetic kan. aku pn xfhm kenapa xboleh gugel.