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Friday, June 12, 2009


it's friday again. just another boring day. i'm just so care less of anything. my diet program is about to ruin. tonight, we'll be having a farewell dinner at the candles. and this weekend will be a huge challenge! family picnic, food and lotsa food. NIGHT MARE!

and i'm so desperate to lose few more inches in few parts. don't tell me not to care about it. don't tell me that i'm not fat. drop it okay. i know i'm not that fat, obese or anything. but being slim has lotsa advantages and wide range of choices, you know.

my work is piling up. i need to distress! and what stress me more is, i have to forget ice cream and chocolate for my distress method. how sad. what a lost!

i'm just gonna have fun this weekend. and not to think about the indian's training next week (urgh i hate doing training!)

i plan to bake trifle tonite. IF i still have my energy left.

so u guys, what's your plan for this weekend? tell me.

bye all. have a great weekend. take care.


Unknown said...

selamat cuba utk tidak makan terlalu banyak. hehe.

kmas nk g mlaka esok. teman adik. dia da nk masuk sem.. sedey laa tu budak tu.. asal nk masuk skolah jer mula la demam la itu la.. haha

happy weekends sis!

ederq said...

kak mas, GAGAL! haha!
u have fun in melaka okay

Ms. Omey said...

ederq! ingat lg x! dulu same2 skali masa STF..

ederq said...

hi omey!!! ingat! tp muka kau len sket ah. hhihi. ape cte weh skrg?

mie@nis said...

Kitorang br blik dr Melaka gak.Nak tgk gmbr Qaseh ngan Nysa just link to my blog.

p/s;kitorang dah tak terdiet kah kah kah

ederq said...

comelnya gmbr qaseh pki tdg! tak terdiet? haha! xpela camtu sama2 membesar. aku ni, aku sorang2 je. tu yg tekanan perasaan. haha