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Sunday, June 28, 2009


i know mira was laughing at Smail at this time - Smail tak tahu bersila. hihi

congratulations to my mate, Mira. she is now happily married to Smail, a mr nice guy from Algeria. i'm so happy for mira. when i first looked at Smail i whispered to Mira - kacak okay abang kau! haha! and when i first talked to him, i knew he is the nice guy, very gentle and polite. and that what my brother, aiman told me too. he was the best man on the reception and me, the bridesmaid. aiman said that every time aiman cleaned up the daun2 bunga rampai time renjis2, he'll thank aiman. every time okay. haha.

to mira, be a good wife, jangan garang2 tau. i hope you will not be far from us. huhu. and! anak2 kau mesti comel! mix woohh! hihi

okay, enjoy the pix!


bride and groom with gedixbabes

nyum nyum


alaa.. i dont have the pix on the pelamin with them. nantilah wait for other peeps camera.

oohh aaahhh urghhhh tomorrow is Monday!

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